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Master's Degree in Accounting Admission Statement Example, Indian Applicant

When I originally became a mentor, I thought I understood the impact I could have on someone else’s life but did not believe that someone half my age would have much to teach me. Freshman year at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, I signed up to be a Community Friend and was soon introduced to the 6th grade students from the local government school in India. I was immediately impressed that these children were kind and smart as well as innocent. They all come from families below the poverty line. I was also immediately most enthused about helping them to build their self-confidence. It took more time for me to appreciate how they also raised my confidence and passion as well, a pivotal experience in the determination of my professional direction.

Several months into this experience, we began a new academic year and I was most excited to again see my students after long summer holidays. met, it was the start of another academic year after summer holidays. I was shocked, however, to see that the class size has fallen dramatically. I was told that most students were from farming families and it was harvest time, stealing roughly half of the year from the studies of these children. I felt sad and angry. I have found that I often learn the most about who I am and who I want to become through dedicating my time to those around me. That is why I am a mentor, and that is why I am passionate about accounting services, an industry that impacts every person in the world. I feel strongly that what most people need who live below the poverty line is assistance and education to the point of attaining greater levels of financial literacy. And this is where I want to make my professional mark in life.

In my current position with Mastercard, it has been enormously gratifying to play a key role in the process improvement team, and to be  instrumental in bringing efficiency to the data reporting process though statistical analysis for our customers. As a team leader, I have been entrusted with the responsibility of building and leading teams for large-scale, sophisticated technology projects involving a deep understanding of computer technology systems and databases. I have also enjoyed getting acquainted with the entire life-cycle of technology product development and interfaces with clients across the globe and assessing their needs.

My career has evolved from that of an engineer/technologist to a professional capable of understanding both technological and business developments and leading technical teams to deliver outstanding project results. Taking advantage of my leadership experience in the financial services industry, my near-term goal is to transition from Information Technology to Financial Analysis. Though, I am currently employed full time in the IT sector, I want to advance professionally by also studying accounting and finance and, thereby, making me more competitive on the job market. I am convinced that I have the statistical and quantitative skills to excel in a Master’s Program in Accounting. In the long run, I hope to find myself in charge of a financial services department whose core business may or may not be technology. Such a role will enable me to passionately succeed in applying technology towards facilitating business.

Born and raised in India, I am a very hard working and studious young Indian woman with a solid background in Information Technology. Now, having earned my first Masters, adjusted to life in the USA, and matured and grown considerably, my professional horizons have broadened and I realize that I very much need a second Master’s Degree in Accounting in order to be competitive in the quest for the kind of professional position that I most desire to attain in the future, as a Corporate Controller for a large IT Company. I finished my Bachelor Degree in Computer Science & Engineering in India with a prefect GPA: 4.0/4.0, graduating in April of 2014. Shortly after, I began an MS Program in the USA in Information Science and Technology, which I completed with a GPA of 3.75/4.0, graduating in December of 2015. Since then, in addition to working full time, I have continued to take classes and have completed two of the prerequisite courses for your program in accordance with the information on your web site for those applicants coming from a non-accounting background: “Financial Accounting: Foundations” and “Formal Financial Accounting.” The other two, “Accounting: Advanced Topics” and “Business Strategy” and are in progress.

My central long-term goal is to work in the non-profit sector in the design and promotion of financial literacy tools as well as helping organizations that work with marginalized or disadvantaged children, doing what I can to help with the great need that exists in this area. The University of XXXX at XXXX is my first choice for graduate school for a variety of reasons, most of all the sheer excellence and solid reputation of UXXX generally speaking, and the Accounting Program in particular. I also very much appreciate the fact that UXXX offers an online Masters in Accounting, which I see as the perfect medium given my current situation as a full-time working professional. The Gies College of Business with a rich accomplishment history ranks among the premier, truly global business schools. Such a platform to interact with a globally diverse student community will afford me the opportunity to learn cutting-edge business practices in preparation for excellence in a global arena. There is also the invaluable opportunity to network with alumni and learn through seminars from global business leaders. Thus, UXXX is my preferred destination for pursing a Masters in Accounting.

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