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Sample 1st Paragraph for the MA in Early Childhood Studies, Canada, Saudi Woman

I am a young woman from Saudi Arabia who now lives in Canada. As the mother of a premature child, I have become profoundly focused on the area of Early Childhood Studies and I want very much to build on my volunteer experience here in Canada helping out with kindergarten age children. My undergraduate studies in Saudi Arabia were also focused on Early Childhood Studies.

Sample 1st Paragraph for Certificate Program Childhood Development

I am applying to your distinguished certificate program in childhood development because of my intense fascination with how children learn at very early ages, before kindergarten. I hope to put the tools that I will acquire in your program to work, teaching techniques that will help young children with autism to develop fine motor and gross motor along with social skills. I aim to come up with solutions by creating short and long term goals, observing, testing and teaching small children, collaborating with interdisciplinary staff, working constantly to decrease negative behaviors and reinforce positive learning. In 2004, I graduated from XXXX High School with my high school diploma. After high school, I attended XXXX College and received my Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts in July 2007. Immediately after, I had the opportunity of attending XXXX University where I graduated in 2010 with my Bachelors of Science in Child and Adolescent Development.

Teacher Interview Answering Tough Questions.

Nadine Burke Harris: How childhood trauma affects health throughout life. Childhood traumas are not something that can be overcome just by growing up.