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Sample Personal Statement of Purpose for Graduate School Arts and Technology in Emerging Communication, ATEC

I am an Indian-American woman who has always cherished sound, not only music but a broad variety of sounds, their intricacy, delicacy, harmony, and especially their reproduction. Thus, I am a natural for a career in Sound Design because that is where my passion lies. I hope to be accepted to your especially distinguished graduate program in Arts and Technology with a focus on Emerging Communication (ATEC) at University of XXXX.

I first came to America as a baby but my parents raised me mostly in the USA. Nevertheless, we were always flying back and forth from India to the US, since Indian families are very close and mine is no exception. This pleases me greatly, especially the fact that I decided to attend and graduate from high school in India (1996-2000) because this resulted in me being fully multicultural as well as multilingual, thus maximizing my potential to contribute to the celebration of diversity, in India as well as the United States.

The especially keen ways that the arts - visual, dance, song, and verse - are appreciated in Indian culture have been passed on to me by my family in both America and India; in addition to the Indian-American community. I also excel at IT and everything related to electronic communication and performance; making great strides towards my goal of becoming a successful multicultural artist and music producer. Thus, I feel confident that I will be able to excel in your distinguished PHD Program in the Arts and Technology at University of XXXX.

I look forward to a long lifetime of inspiring my students, and helping them to become highly motivated to pursue their dreams at the intersection of the arts and technology. I especially look forward to engaging in lifelong research into correlations between the arts and technology with an emphasis on sound design. I have already completed several internships in setting up and breaking down sound stages, assisted a sound engineer, and served as stage manager for a play, supervising students on the university level. I keenly look forward to teaching, or perhaps working at Apple in the design of Audio Software.

I am eager to enhance my knowledge and skills to prepare to dig deeper into research to get ready for the doctoral degree.  I am prepared to take these classes at graduate level because I have the basic knowledge and skills that I learnt as an undergraduate and can be utilized successfully.  I want to excel in every aspect of this program and continue my education by attaining a PHD in Arts and Technology with a special focus or concentration in the area of Emerging Communication (ATEC).

If I am accepted in the program, I would be particularly honored to work with Kristin Drogos who specializes in media effects, media psychology, children and media, identity and self-development. I was intrigued by her research on how the role of media correlates to the socialization of young people in contemporary societies. I am particularly fascinated by Sound Design, Interactive Design and Networked Cultures.  Given my background and cultural diversity, I am confident I would be an asset to your university.

I believe that my intense passion and sheer curiosity and drive give me something valuable to offer your program. I love technology generally speaking and I am well read in most if not all of the areas of technological advancement that are related to the arts, especially sound. I will be graduating this coming December of 2017 from ASU with my Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance. I am currently enrolled in an Independent study with one of my professors in which I will produce an album. Eating, sleeping, and breathing classes in Conceptual Development, Art of War and Digital Interactivity, I am also working on my Senior Project.

I profoundly hope to become a member of your academic community at University of Texas at Dallas devoted to exploring and creating on the frontiers of art and technology and I thank you for considering my application.

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Communications, Ethics, and Diversity

Especially in the field of Communications, I always try to inspire students entering their field to reach outside the norms and acknowledge that the world of media is ever-changing. And with this ever-changing nature, students must look ahead to strive to break negative societal norms as well as be a light in their future careers. Whether your major is in the sphere of communications or not, I especially appreciate helping all applicants who see potential in their future career practices to think more critically on current issues in the realm of what is ethical.

In the globalized world of communications, companies in one country can easily do business with firms across the world. Different cultures can sometimes complicate business dealings. Mores and norms vary from society to society, but corporations need to set certain ethical standards, especially for communications. For example, if a communications supplier in one country finds bribery a perfectly acceptable way to conduct business, his buyer needs to look elsewhere. It does not matter that this supplier offers the cheapest prices. Corruption cannot be tolerated in the communications world.

Up until the financial meltdown of 2008, the communications world emphasized short-term results. Business executives received extravagant compensation packages for closing deals, no matter how the transaction affected the company in the long run. Financial institutions lent to borrowers freely, not considering their ability to repay the loans. Eventually, debtors defaulted on their loans, and the economy stood on the brink of collapse. Ethical leaders in all fields, especially communications, need to ignore easy profits and focus on future ramifications of actions, even if it earns less money for the company.

I celebrate diversity. And no where is diversity more important than in the area of communications. It is here, where symbols are so powerful, that dignity must guide all professionals in the selection and creation of cultural symbols that are appropriate and inspiring.

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I see communications as a dynamic catalyst for progressive social change that moves our technological and human advancement on every frontier and I am pleased to help dozens of people every year in the area of communications. Most applicants in this area seek to study towards the Master’s Degree; but I have also helped a few applicants to PHD programs. I take the material that you provide and turn it into a highly eloquent essay that demonstrates your capacity to excel in graduate school, as well as you potential for making important, lifelong career contributions to communications in your area of chosen specialization. We keenly look forward to helping you to get accepted. After you fill out my Online Interview Form, I will ask you additional questions so that we have all of the information that we need to draft a spectacular statement on your behalf. If needed, we are also prepared to do extensive research on your behalf concerning your special area of interest. It is our pleasure to be of service to you and in this way share in the exciting advancements that are taking place in communications.

MA Communication Disorders, Mixed Race Latina

I see speech as the foundation of communication and being able to communicate with confidence as the cornerstone of what defines us as human beings. This is why I have fallen very much in love with the study of communication disorders and I hope to be accepted into your distinguished program so that I have the privilege of giving my all to this field for the next 4 or 5 decades. I am a hard worker and a good—but not exceptional—student so far. The fact that my grades are higher in my Communication Disorder classes than other classes reflects my dedication to this area of study and the passion that I have for helping some of the most vulnerable and needy members of our community.

You will undoubtedly have applicants to your program with better grades and higher GRE scores than mine. Nevertheless, I humbly ask for acceptance based on my great passion for speech therapy and the fact that I already have professional experience in this area working as a speech assistant for Epic Health Services.