Master’s Degree Corporate Communications, Saudi Arabian Applicant

I am an outgoing, artistic and creative person who relates well to others. I have channelled my talents and personal characteristics in various ways in my eleven year career to date and currently work as ‘Communications and Change Lead’ in various projects. This experience has been very satisfying and has pointed me to the field, Corporate Communications, in which I believe that I can usefully apply my natural talents and characteristics and so maximise my utility in the world and make the most of my academic, personal and professional potential.

I currently work for Ecolab in my home country of Saudi Arabia. The company is the global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services. I am delighted to be employed by a company that undertakes a wide range of services that are so important to humanity and I am committed to furthering and making known its commendable goals.

Since taking up my current role, I have been involved in implementing and running a variety of humanitarian and educational projects for the benefit of local people. For instance, we are planning to launch a ‘Science is Fun’ project aimed at young children to fascinate and enthuse a new generation about science by the use of simple experiments, quizzes etc. I also hope to initiate a ‘Blood Drive’ and ‘Wellness Program’. The Kingdom is seeking to achieve a situation in which blood donation is locally sourced, totally voluntary and non-remunerated. I am personally very sympathetic to the aim of educating the public in the social benefits of regular blood donation.  The ‘Wellness Program’ is especially important in Saudi Arabia which has a very high, and increasing, incidence of Diabetes which it is possible to reduce by successfully encouraging changes in diet and lifestyle. Because of my interest in art and design, I am particularly interested in examining how important health and other information can be transmitted using art to supplement and enhance such messages making the recipient more likely to respond.  

Art is a very important aspect of my own life. I have derived enormous pleasure and fulfilment through artistic expression and hope, in the future, to initiate projects that are artistically based perhaps for therapeutic purposes but also to fire an interest in art and design for people of all ages and backgrounds, especially infants and the young.

I am making this application in order to equip myself to become a leader in the field of Corporate Communications. Once so equipped, it is my intention to continue working for Ecolab, at least initially, but certainly throughout my future career to work for a company where I am in sympathy with the goals of my employer so that I can seek to further those goals with integrity and with genuine passion.

I am aware that some view the role of the Corporate Communications specialist with some reserve and even cynicism in view of some recent business scandals such as those related to the banking crisis during which some such specialists could be accused of defending the indefensible. I see the role as partly preventative in that the specialist should be among those regularly reminding senior management  that, although it takes years to acquire a good reputation, it can be lost in mere hours and to be aware of those areas in which reputational risks might exist and to provide warnings of them where required.

I also regard effective internal communication as an essential tool in explaining and aligning business goals to those of employees and other stakeholders. Communications should be as comprehensive as possible and provided in a timely and easily accessible way to create and maintain good relationships. Responses should be encouraged, carefully considered and thoughtful responses provided.

As a graduate in Business, I am fully aware of the importance of the ‘bottom line’ in enabling a company to meet its business and charitable goals and I should certainly take a keen interest in the profitability of any business employing my services in the future and to enhance, where possible, its ability to maximize that profitability.

I am fluent in Arabic and English and am fairly widely travelled in the Middle East, Europe and North America. I enjoy learning about other cultures and sharing knowledge of my own.  I undertake voluntary work as a remedial teacher and in providing activities for deprived children which provides tremendous personal satisfaction. I enjoy teaching and mentoring others professionally, I am considered to be an excellent communicator both in writing and in person and am a confident and persuasive speaker.

To summarize: Having carefully considered my career options, I am convinced that Corporate Communications is the best option to apply my skills, characteristics and potential in the most effective way. I believe that I can ‘add value’ to the course by bringing the fruits of my professional experience to date and can assure the reader that I shall apply myself with exceptional diligence and enthusiasm to the course and shall seek to excel rather than merely succeed within it.

Thank you for considering my application.

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Inspiring leaders are great communicators.

Master of Public Relations and Communications, Canada, Indigenous Nations

I hope very much to be selected to earn my Master’s Degree in Public Relations (MPR) Program at XXXX University. Your program is my first choice for a variety of reasons including its long and successful history and its sheer excellence – as well as its location.

My father was from Scotland so I tend to think of myself as Scottish, but I was born in Halifax and northern Canada has always been my home. I grew up in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia where I graduated from high school. I then went to XXXX University about 3 hours from Halifax, where I earned my undergraduate degree in Business Administration. I was heavily involved with the student union throughout my four years of study and served as President of each of the residence houses in which I lived, as well as Senior Class President. Spending much of my free time reading about the media and public relations, I am as well traveled as I am read, spending significant amounts of time, in addition to Scotland, in Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, South Korea, China, Hawaii, New York City, and London.

After graduating from XXXX, I earned a Master’s Degree in International Fashion Marketing in Edinburgh, Scotland, bonding with my family roots and exploring a passion my passion for fashion. Upon my return to Canada, I settled in XXXX, a small town on Baffin Island where I have been working until the present time. Here is where I have gained the majority of my professional experience.

I am very much in love with the north of Canada and the way that it has provided me with so many opportunities that have helped me to continue to develop and refine my knowledge base and professional abilities as I continue to pursue my dream of a career in public relations and communications. I see the MPR Program at XXXX University as the optimal springboard to prepare me for excellence and my maximum contribution to my chosen field.

In my current position as Manager of Communication, Education and Outreach for the Government of XXXX Department of the Environment, I keep the public informed about all of our activities, the development of our mission, the nature of the challenges that we face and ways in which we depend upon the community for help and support. I am responsible for writing and distributing press and news releases, speeches for the Minister of the Environment; and I am also fully responsible for creating, organizing, and running special events for public outreach and media relations. I love my work and I hope to return to work again with the same people in the same location after completing the MPR program. I look forward to the fullest level of devotion to public relations as a public servant, for decades to some, assuming increasing levels of responsibility.

My first academic love was marketing, growing out of my fashion interest, evolving over time into my great passion for Public Relations. Some of my work in the area of Fashion had some noble and creative elements, for example, my work with the XXXX Arts and Crafts Association, helping local Inuit designers to showcase and promote their fur fashion to delegations and international visitors to the territory. I very much enjoyed promoting sealskin garments as a bountiful, renewable resource that promotes the use of Inuit traditional knowledge and contributes most significantly to their livelihood.

I seek full immersion and engagement with the most profound and challenging issues of our day, especially everything having to do with the environment. I have learned a great deal from all of my professional engagements, serving as Marketing Manager for the Arts Association, then Event Manager for the Chamber of Commerce, and now working in PR for the government in the Environment Department – I enjoy very much giving my all to a challenging industry, the PETA, Greenpeace, I feel very much at the center of the action.

I especially look forward to distinguishing myself in the promotion of the Inuit culture and way of life, in sustainable and ethical ways that are not cruel to either humans or animals and are not harmful to the environment. Earning the MPR at XXXX will help me to become much better at many things that I do professionally, such as preparing statement on behalf of the Department of Environment, Minister of Environment and in response to media requests we get from outside organizations.

I look forward to many decades of service to come in Public Relations, especially working with government agencies and natural resource companies, as well as the governments of the First Nations, always searching for solutions to difficult challenges.

I thank you for considering my application to the MPR Program at XXXX University.

Sample Personal Statement of Purpose for the MS in Communications, Colorado Activist for Progressive Causes

I have been an activist for progressive causes almost my entire life. My father is/was a well-known foreign policy expert who taught me a great deal about politics. Most of all, however, it was my mother, a very passionate, bra-burning, civil rights activist who took me to almost every protest that happened on the National Mall throughout the 1970s since we lived in DC until 1981. I see Communications as the principal key to the march of progress and I feel it is time for me to earn the Master’s Degree. Thus, I hope to be accepted to and complete the finest online MS Program in Communications in the world, at Purdue University.

I have lived in Colorado almost my entire life and it is my permanent home and public square; and I am glad, at least, that Hillary won my state. I see the Democratic loss in the last presidential election as a devastating blow to democracy, women, the LGBT community, people of color, poor people, immigrants, and religious freedom. In Colorado, we on the Left are developing new appreciation for state’s rights; and we are doubling down on our efforts to resist what we see as reactionary pressures emanating from the Federal Government resulting in at least potential life-threatening ramifications for many of the most vulnerable members of our state. Thus, this is a good time for me to return to school and sharpen my skills, particularly with respect to Communications in health care.

Entrepreneurial and outspoken, I found my social identity and political niche in the progressive community developing in Denver, Colorado in 1997, the year that I completed an internship at the state capitol. Focus on the Family was the single most influential political player in Colorado at that time and the Republicans were in control of almost everything in our state. I volunteered to work on Democratic campaigns and ballot issue campaigns, rapidly gaining an increasingly sophisticated understanding of the mechanics of targeting and messaging – getting around and working my way up. I learned how the decisions made by politicians affect real people by talking to those people, the victims of failed policies, the ‘collateral’ damage. I tried to give voice to the voiceless.

Not everything is rosy in Colorado, but we have the political infrastructure built to continue to be a leader in advancing human rights and economic security, all while enjoying the natural beauty of our state. Earning the MS in Communications will enable me to build on the skills that I have developed over the course of my 20-year career in non-profit management and government affairs. A professional communicator, I have been most successful with a very targeted audience of 100 legislators in Colorado. Along with a broad variety of organizations and key players, I have helped to envision and implement landmark legislation to regulate medical, now retail, marijuana dispensaries in Colorado by uniting related businesses and establishing their credibility as the job creators and responsible business owners embracing regulation from the outset of the legal marijuana industry. I made important contributions to our Renewable Energy Standard, helping to ensure that it became a statewide policy by pushing to include rural community projects.  I have also helped to advocate for major voter rights provisions and vote-by-mail laws that have helped Colorado to set a national benchmark for other states working on similar initiatives.

I very much appreciate the fact that your MS Program in Communications at Purdie includes a real-world, case-studies focus as an integral part of the curricula. I am drawn to the fact that the professors in the online program work in the communications field but have backed up their work experience with foundational research in the ethics and methodology of communications. It is important to me that Purdue is a public university, and a top-rated one at that. I hold a strong belief that education is a basic foundation in a democracy and should be accessible to everyone. Both of my parents graduated from Purdue, one with an MS in Library Science and the other with a PhD in Nuclear Physics. Since I have a Purdue legacy anyway, I was overjoyed when I learned all about your most robust online program in Communications.

I need to return to intensive study because face new challenges in Colorado and I envision being in need of all of the additional Communications finesse that I might be able to acquire as a graduate student. This is especially true with the new challenges that we face in providing health care for the more vulnerable members of our community. As I write this, I am watching with horror as hundreds of people in America, most of them poor and vulnerable themselves, are being arrested in protests over the repeal of Obamacare. Access to basic health care at a reduced cost is a lifeline for a very broad swath of our population: single mothers, children, the elderly, the mentally ill, drug addicts, developmentally disabled people, etc.; and I feel strongly that we have a duty to care for them as part of our community.

I thank you for considering my application