I have promoted my service in Chemical Engineering because I see it as holding singular importance for our advancement as a planetary society. From urban centers to remote corners of Earth, the depths of the oceans to space, I have spent decade following events and issues in Engineering because I adore the way that humanity has always sought to transcend barriers, overcome challenges, and create opportunities that improve life in our part of the universe. A few days ago I read with great dismay where two sperm whales washed up dead on the beach, full of car parts and plastic. It may already be too late.

Statements of Excellence for Admission to Graduate School in Chemical Engineering

All of the Statement samples on this web site were written more than 2 years ago and all are anonymous.

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How do you think a graduate degree from MSE at XXXX will help you achieve your career goals in 5-10 years' time? (for videotaping)


Hello. My name is XXXX and I am applying for the MSE Master's Program. I have always believed that one’s academic preparation is foundational for the level of professional skill to which one aspires, especially in a highly competitive employment environment. I see the MSE Department at XXXX as the optimal springboard to propel me forward to the realization of my dreams as a materials engineer because of the vast experience of the professors in your program and the fact that you attract many of the best students in the world. I crave the interdisciplinary character of your program since it draws from a variety of fields of study. I plan to excel in more than one field, thus helping me to be competitive on the job market. In addition, the MSE Department at XXXX has strong connections with many famous companies, such as my dream company General Electric; and the XXXX alumni network is spread all over the world which could also help me find the most suitable job with the most advanced company. Earning the MS Degree at the world famous XXXX, is not only a process of learning, but also a test of my fortitude, diligence, and critical thinking skills.

Brilliant women abound in all fields. But for some reason, there aren´t many women in chemical engineering, so the ones that have graced the field with their presence are even more precious to us. Here are some famous female chemists and chemical engineers for you to feast your eyes on.

I particularly enjoy working on behalf of applicants to graduate programs in chemical engineering because of the great respect that I have for the chemical engineer. He or she recognizes that the greatest merit is the work, so they exercise their profession because they are committed to serving society, attending to the welfare and progress of the majority.

By transforming nature for the benefit of mankind, the engineer must increase their awareness of the world as the abode of man and his interest in the universe is a guarantee of overcoming their spirit and knowledge of reality to make it fairer and happier. It is an inescapable duty of the engineer to hold the prestige of the profession and ensure its proper discharge; also maintain a professional demeanor rooted in the ability, honesty, fortitude, temperance, magnanimity, modesty, honesty and justice, with the consciousness of individual well-being subordinate to the good social.

Women in Chemical Engineering: A Discussion with AIChE Presidents Maria Burka and Cheryl Teich, took a moment at the 2014 AIChE Annual Meeting in Atlanta to reflect on opportunities and challenges for women in chemical engineering.

Women in Chemical Engineering. UNSW Chemical Engineering is proud of the achievements of its current and past female engineering students and academic staff.