Your Guarantee

I assure you that at least 95% of my clients are very happy with my work because I have gotten quite good at what I do. I invite you to put your trust in me and take advantage of the skill that I have developed over the years. I am  like an actor, putting myself in your shoes. I know what you should say, and things that are better left unsaid, especially in a very limited space. I have learned how to say a lot in a few words, concise yet eloquent. A creative writer for hire could turn out to be a very solid investment in your future. Finally, please note that I depend on my clients to recommend me to their friends and colleagues.

It is difficult to guarantee satisfaction for a service rendered on the Internet. One needs to face up to the fact that life requires that we take chances from time to time, that without some risk there is seldom great gain. It is important, however, to take only intelligent risks.

I cannot say that all of my clients are happy with my work. While whatever dissatisfaction there is generally works itself out by the client participating in the process, making the changes that they think are indicated, and then giving me another opportunity to make a final revision and enhancement free of charge—not everyone is satisfied all of the time.

About 1 in 20 of my customers remain less than happy with my service. I am not really sure why this is. A couple have said that their statement was not as impressive as some of the samples on my web site. What I suspect is going on is that it is not so much the statement that they dislike, as it is the story, their own story, which in some cases is simply less impressive than that of others; and, of course, there is little that I can do about that. Some people simply have more impressive stories than others.

I provide you with the opportunity to make any changes to the model essay that I draft on your behalf, and then I do the best that I can with it one more time.

In short, your guarantee is that I will do the very best that I can with the material that I have to work with.

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With My Son Davy Dylan Edinger

All of the Statement samples on this web site were written more than 2 years ago and all are anonymous.

Up to 1000 words: US$199  + CV/Resume Edit US$299.00

Up to 1500 words: US$249  + CV/Resume Edit US$349

Up to 2000 words: US$299  + CV/Resume Edit US$399

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If you are in a hurry for your statement and you want me to give you prompt attention and priority service, please make your payment as soon as possible since I attend to my clients in the order in which I have received their payments. Often, I am able to finish your statement within 24 hours, no more than 48, after I have the information that I need to work with and your payment has been made. I only do my best, taking the time to reflect on your story as well, usually doing some internet research on your behalf.

Originally from the United States, I have now made my home in Bolivia at 59 years old. After earning my PHD in Religion (1995) from the University of Southern California, I have traveled much of the world, particularly Latin America. Since 2001, I have dedicated the bulk of my efforts to helping others to be accepted to graduate school, university, residency programs, etc.

Privacy/Use of Information

My privacy policy is to keep all of your information strictly confidential on my laptop computer here where I live on my mountaintop in Cochabamba, Bolivia. No one else has access to my computer. Within a few years, your information will be deleted from my computer. (Please note that I am no longer posting any additional samples of my work to my web sites and if I were to do so I would use anonymous samples from several years ago.)

Your guarantee is that I do the very best that I can for each client with the material that I have to work with, the story that I have to tell. There would be no reason, if you stop to think about it, not to do my best for each client. Even from a simple business perspective, it would not be very rewarding for me in any way, especially economically, to not work hard to conscientiously write the best statement that I can. My economic motivation is quite clearly on the side of writing the very best statement possible. Often, my customers have spouses, siblings, friends, and colleagues to whom they recommend my service. About one fourth of my new clients come to  me by way of recommendation of a satisfied client.