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MSc Accounting, Management Strategy, Chinese

Your novel Masters program at XXXX University is my first choice for graduate school because of your thoroughgoing focus on change management in both operational and strategic contexts as well as information systems. As a student from Hong Kong, I am seeking precisely those kinds of academic experiences which you have to offer, that which is most unique to the UK, Scotland in particular.

I am a young Chinese woman from Hong Kong who wants to become the finest project manager possible, which is why your particularly distinguished program at XXXX University in Accounting and Management Strategy is my first choice for graduate study. I see your program as the most precisely tailored fit with my own long term goals for professional advancement. I am convinced that your intensive focus on ‘data-led’ sectors is extremely insightful and right on the mark in terms of what graduate students most need in order to be able to make their fullest contribution in the world of management. I am hungry for practical experience in databases at the same time that I seek a most rigorous understanding of applied statistics, data mining, and operational research.

I have best distinguished myself through my language skills since I am a native speaker of both Mandarin and Cantonese and only 3% of the residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) are fluent in both of China’s principal languages. Furthermore, I thrive on research and it is what I do best. In fact, for the past several months, I have been serving as a Student Research Helper at XXXX Management College, helping to edit textbooks, making sure that they contain accurate statistical information, copy editing and checking calculation steps, numerical answers, and distribution tables.

I am a firm believer in one-china; we are all Chinese. Nevertheless, I enjoy the balance and search for harmony between my native Hong Kong and the rest of China and I hope to remain engaged in and contribute to the long and arduous process of making peace between Taiwan and mainland China. I particularly appreciate and have profound respect for the relative freedom and prosperity that we enjoy in Hong Kong, and the beautiful ethnic and linguistic diversity of our society. I participate still further in this diversity by the fact that I am nearing fluency in German, something which I share with about 5000 other residents of Hong Kong. This is a fresh triumph resulting from my participation in a summer exchange program with the Universität Leipzig, June through August 2013.

I will be finishing my undergraduate studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong this coming July of 2014 with a Major in Statistics and a Minor in German Studies. My short term goal after receiving the best professional preparation possible in your program at XXXX will be to move up the ladder as a government employee of the HKSAR, beginning with administrative officer. Being a native speaker of Mandarin as well as Cantonese is a great asset that will help me to succeed in public management and to advance rapidly into positions of increasing responsibility in our government.

My affection for the one China focus of most Chinese people is very much reinforced by the fact that my ultimate dream is to get near the top of our Environmental Protection Department. This is because our environment is my first love and laboring to protect our environment knows no territorial boundaries. Within 5 years of completing your program, I hope to be promoted to the position of senior administrative officer in area of environmental protection. I am an optimistic and hard working environmentalist who insists that that with solid management of our resources, both human and natural, we will be able to adequately protect our environment for years to come without sacrificing our economic growth, an issue that stands at the center of my research interests. I see effective management as the central most important key to economic growth and organizational longevity. I want to devote my life to service of society, first coming to better understand what society really wants and then helping to meet these democratic demands in sustainable ways that protect our public resources. I am especially intrigued by the way in which effective management is achieved through control and coordination, time management, and a streamlined allocation of resources.

Some of my most formative experience so far has been through my volunteer work with the Rotary Club’s XXXX Social Service Agency. I have been especially active in the planning of our trip to Taipei. and fundraising campaigns for orphanages in 2013, the XXXX Social Service Trip to GuangXi and fundraising campaigns for local secondary schools in 2012. After visiting Kaohsiung, Tainan and Taipei, I can understand local cultures in Taiwan. In addition, through visits to orphanages, hospitals and indigenous farms, I was able to get to know the other side of Taiwan, provided me a chance to become acquainted with marginalized or forgotten groups.

I was selected as the external Vice President of XXXX Club of United College, CUHK (RI34500) from 2011 to 2013. My duty was to communicate with all other XXXX Clubs which are also in the same district, as well as organize a wide variety of volunteer projects, such as bringing children to visit the elderly in their homes, bringing music and games to orphanages, and several projects geared towards single-parent families, providing an opportunity for parents and children to learn new and improved communication skills that include expressions of love to one another.

Your distinguished program will help me to further advance in the development of my leadership skills as an administrative officer of the HKSAR. I have always been in favor of social responsibility, as I believe that the more you give, the more you receive. I find my greatest joy enhancing the lifestyles of members of our society and providing for ever more responsible, comprehensive, and efficient government. Studying management and businesses related subjects helps me to cope with difficulties quickly and efficiently. I look forward to serving China as part of a new generation of young blood, technocrats that are most passionate about progress, especially in terms of infrastructure and economic growth. This is why the HKSAR has a special need for professionals who are highly skilled in the areas of mathematics and economics.

I feel strongly that my travels have helped prepare me to excel in your program and make my maximum contribution to our celebration of diversity at XXXX. In addition to the four months that recently spent in Germany, I have spent nearly two weeks in China and got to see both Beijing and Shanghai. I have also spent close to one week each in Taiwan, the UK, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Italy, the UK, France, and Switzerland, in order of relevance to the development of my professional identity.

I thank you for considering my application to your very novel and creative program.

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