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I would be honored by the opportunity to help you with your Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose for graduate or advanced professional study in business. Together, we will be building a new tomorrow for us all through the promotion of community friendly business practices world-wide. My service is highly international and I help applicants from all over the world. With each statement that I draft, I emphasize the strong points of each candidate, especially those unique qualities and experiences that allow you to stand out from the crowd and point to the important contributions that you are uniquely qualified to make to economic development over the long term. In most cases, you need an extremely well written statement in order to be accepted. For this reason, I feel strongly that my service is an excellent investment for you to make in your future.

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Strategic Design and Management Master’s Degree Sample

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt.

I am an entrepreneur, designer, and brand development consultant who is passionate about creativity, community, and commerce. Particularly, I love creating things that cultivate a sense of confidence in others. Above all, I consider myself to be a dreamer with a vision. My dream is to become a successful serial impact entrepreneur who is able to drive positive change on a global scale. My vision in accomplishing that dream is also my biggest motivation for applying for the Strategic Design and Management graduate program. Since finishing my undergraduate studies, I have gone from experiencing both successes and failures as an entrepreneur and designer, having started three separate companies of my own and consulting other entrepreneurs on how to effectively develop their brands. In just eight years, I have witnessed how it's no longer “business as usual”. In a world that increasingly demands better-designed objects, communication, systems, and organizations to meet social needs, I believe my professional goals of becoming a future game changer and innovation pioneer in the new economy and having the ability to create my own trajectory while also making the world a better place can only be achieved through receiving an education from an world class institution whose values and mission I share.

I aim to develop a high level of mastery in the areas of strategy, innovation, and design thinking methodologies in order to learn how to apply a design-driven, systems-oriented approach to recognizing and developing business opportunities that are financially sustainable, address unmet social needs, and have the potential for scalable impact. During my studies, I hope to excel in my coursework with thoughtful curiosity, maintaining an open mind and always learning from my mistakes. Understanding that a large percentage of students in the program are international, I believe I can add to the richness and diversity of the cohort through my personal experiences growing up as a less fortunate first generation Vietnamese-American raised in the inner city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. My culturally diverse upbringing helps me to connect with others with ease. With parents too poor to afford schooling past the 9th grade in their homeland of Vietnam, they managed to carve out their very own slice of the American Dream through hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit. In this way, I have developed a unique lens in which I see the world, society, and especially American culture.

Having traveled to Vietnam as a teenager for the second time, I met relatives I never knew I had. During our time together, I learned of how it was growing up for them. Having only two outfits each, one for church on Sundays, and the other for the rest of the week. The fact that my own relatives on the other side of the world, made less than a dollar a day working at the very same factories that made the products I coveted so much as an American teenager really had a profound impact on me. I felt troubled realizing the vast importance placed by young people in America on brand names and having the latest Jordans, myself included. This realization would force me into a deep reflection of and fascination on the relationship between brands and culture. This reflection and fascination would only mature over the years and lead me to begin my entrepreneurial journey by motivating me to pursue my childhood dream of one day having my own successful brand.

I believe that this program will not only be a career enhancing as well as a potential career changing opportunity, but a life changing opportunity for me. If accepted to Parsons, I will put what I learn to use in the best way possible, helping new generations of creative and motivated people to become entrepreneurs and successful at doing what they are passionate about, leveraging the power of creativity for the stimulation of commerce. My long-term goals include increasing levels of independence, evolving into a successful serial impact entrepreneur, then eventually a mentor and coach, advising/teaching other entrepreneurs.

Reflecting back on my undergraduate career at WVU, I realize that lack of focus due to having several jobs to help pay for my expensive out of state tuition while my father was sick, ultimately resulted in academic achievement not being my top priority and regret not getting more out of education. At the same time, after having the opportunity to interact with several faculty members and current students of the Transdisciplinary Design program as well as the Strategic Design and Management program, and being able to sit in on several classes from each program, I realize the type of academic environment I need in order to thrive. Rather than being another face lost in a crowd of several hundred students each class, I needed a more intimate environment where I could learn with my hands and by doing. Which is why I believe that I learned more about the world, life, and most of all myself in the years following my undergraduate career during my entrepreneurial journey. I have since found focus and direction after starting my first business and have continued to develop this focus into what I believe is my life’s calling. To use design and entrepreneurship to solve problems facing our future and drive positive social change on a global scale.

Therefore, I sincerely thank you for your considering my application for graduate studies at Parsons based on my true potential and not that of a period of time which I truly believe does not honestly reflect my academic potential.

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Sample 1st Paragraph for the MSc in Investment & Wealth Management, Diversity, World Traveler Raised in London

Still only 22, I have distinguished myself as both a dedicated student and a volunteer worker for international development projects. Your distinguished program at XXXX University is my first choice for graduate study in Investment & Wealth Management for a variety of reasons most of all its sheer excellence. I understand that admission to your program is most competitive but I hope to be selected due the highly international character of both my identity and my long term goals of service to society, especially with respect to the Developing World. Born and raised in London to a Polish mother and an Egyptian father, I am a world traveler, a global citizen, and someone who is already fluent in oral and written Arabic and learning to write it, at the same time that I continue to make vast progress at perfecting my Spanish, writing and speaking as well as reading this all important language for the future of global affairs. I lived in Madrid for 6 months and I have spent significant periods of time in Poland, Egypt, the USA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Thailand, Malaysia, UAE-Dubai, Portugal, Turkey, Morocco, and Sweden.

Sample 1st Paragraph for the Master’s Degree in International Public Management at the XXXX School of International Affairs, Korean Applicant, Program in France

I am a student from Korea, still 22, and I recently finished my undergraduate studies in History. I feel strongly that studying history has helped me to better appreciate the opportunities and responsibility involved in being a public servant, especially in the complex arena of international relations, law, and management. Your program in International Public Management at the XXXX School is my first choice for graduate study because I want to return to France, and because I see your program as the most thoroughgoing and creative curriculum available to prepare students for a lifetime of service in the public arena. I lived in France for one semester as an exchange student and this helped me to bring my French up to a professional level and to maintain it since. This is another reason why I am convinced that I can excel in your program.

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