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MS Marketing, Multicultural Latino

I am a multi-cultural Latino with an MBA from the University of XXXX in the Dominican Republic, and extensive international business and marketing experience in South America and the Caribbean, especially my home country, the Dominican Republic. I have devoted my life to marketing and I now want to pursue a Master’s Degree in the world’s premier graduate program in this area, the XXXX School.

The DR is an exciting place to do business, serving as a distribution hub for Venezuelan oil and an increasingly popular island escape destination for First World tourists, I want very much to help my country and my region of the world to prosper through laboring to increase international commerce further throughout the region, making the most of globalization in the Western Hemisphere. I thrive on progress and my devotion to the goal of helping my part of the world to become as economically competitive as possible. I am highly motivated to succeed, very enthusiastic, and thoroughly addicted to life-long education, especially everything having to do with the world of business, particularly marketing. For this reason, the Simon School is my first choice for further graduate study.

My father is from Colombia and my mother is Dominican. I was born in New York while they were studying and spent most of the first 6 years of my life in Puerto Rico, until my parents divorced and my mother took me to the DR where I was raised from that point on, visiting my father in the summertime, first in PR and later back in Colombia. After High School, I began college in the DR but soon decided to continue my education in Colombia so as to engage with a more competitive educational environment. I earned my BBA in 2005 and my EXMBA from the XXXX Business School in December of 2009. I also have many years of relevant professional experience exploring different cultures in the business world, especially Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, England and Spain. 

I began developing business plans with XXXX, an advertising and marketing research company, in Bogota (2003--2006), where I had the privilege of serving as Director of Operations and a member of the board. This experience heightened my passion for business and inspired me to pursue the MBA. In fact, I have been designing business plans based on market analysis for the last 8 years, for several different enterprises. I served as a professor with Cajir, for example, a nonprofit organization that helps entrepreneurs attain and implement assistance from the Interamerican Development Bank. I assisted with the development of more than 50 projects over the course of 2 years, helping startups grow to the point that they were already exporting products to Europe from Latin America and the Caribbean. I was in charge of the Marketing, working to develop new and increasingly creative teaching presentations for myself and my colleagues.

From July, 2009 through March, 2011, I served as the General Manager for XXXX in the DR, in charge of the design and execution of the company’s plan for business development, operations, finance, marketing, production, and distribution. From October, 2020 through March, 2011, I also had the privilege of teaching Marketing at the Universidad XXXX as an Adjunct Professor. It is my sincere hope that the XXXX School will prepare me to continue teaching marketing and doing related research concerning business development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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