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MS Computer Science, Info Security, Saudi

I keenly look forward to contributing to the diversity of your Master’s Program in Computer Science with a focus on Information Security at the University XXXX as a young Saudi Arabian man who is well-read, well-traveled, and could not be more passionate about information security worldwide. In addition to excelling as a student, I have extensive experience working with large consulting companies such as Accenture and I am currently working on classified research projects with Boeing.

I will always be thankful for the fact that I was able to attend high school in the USA, leaving my native Riyadh for the USA at only 16 years old. Going to high school in America helped me to mature rapidly and greatly broadened my horizons. It also did wonders for my English which went on to empower me to excellence at UCLA where I earned my BS in Computer Science with a minor in Economics. Graduating in June of 2016 in LA with a focus on all things IT, I was especially pleased to have studied and excelled in a Business and Economics Program that is ranked in the top 5% of business schools worldwide.

In addition to my work with Boeing, I am also employed as a researcher and Business Analyst at the KACST (King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology). At some point after earning my Master’s Degree, I hope to start my own company in Information Security and I am excited about the prospect of planning my operations while earning my Master’s Degree in Computer Science at XXXX.   

For many years now, over and above my formal studies, I have devoted countless hours to reading about information science, especially in the area of security. I could not be more satisfied with my choice of career because of the way that it combines the possibility of achieving economic security while at the same time serving the interests of society; and not only Saudi society, but potentially on a global level as well.

I have intense passion for Information Security. After the wide spread of the Vauis Wanna virus, I wanted to cry I was so very disappointed at how extensive the damage was and how we had no capability to stop it. This virus shut down telecommunications even in our hospitals in Saudi Arabia and people’s lives were at critical risk. I appreciate the way in which information security is indeed a matter of life and death and I take my work extremely seriously. At KACST, we are responsible for the (DNS) Secured Domain Names System for all of Saudi Arabia in addition to a vast array of other cyber security protocols and precautions. Thus, I learn and grow in my field every day, always facing the latest challenge with great zeal and attention, giving my all. I am fortunate enough to have been awarded a full scholarship to earn my Master’s Degree in the USA and USC is my first choice for a variety of reasons, most of all the sheer excellence of your program but also its location, since LA is my adopted home in the USA. In preparation, I am studying intensively online at night working on my Ethical Hacking Certification and will soon be starting the Comptia Security+ course. I thank you for considering my application to Computer Science at XXXX.

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