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Diploma in Strategy and Innovation

When studying Quantity Surveying, a fascination with the accounting components of my studies was fired. As a trained scientist, I was drawn by the elegance of accounting concepts and decided to make my future in accountancy. Thus my first job was with XXXX in Ghana as an Audit Associate. I have excelled in my work since and am now a dedicated and well qualified accountant.

I am widely traveled having visited the US, UK, China, Hong Kong, South Africa and Nigeria. I have learned much about the individual economies and business environments in these countries.

It is my hope to undertake research on the risk management strategies adopted by African Conglomerates in the wake of the global financial crisis; and into the exchange rate and interest rate risk management in volatile African economies taking into consideration its impact on the development of new products and companies’ profitability.

The diploma will assist in the advancement of my career by enabling me to provide advice to businesses, particularly African businesses; on what strategy adjustments might be necessary in the current volatile financial environment and how to begin to implement them. It will also enable me to help them recognize the ‘big picture’ that interdependency in the current global economy needs to be recognized especially where such relationships are not obvious.

I hope to be able to ‘unravel’ and expose complex business relationships and to assist business executives to recognize them and to be aware of the effects that they have and will have. I seek to be equipped to be both a strategist and value integrator able to translate strategic thinking into terms understood by the financial ‘laymen’ directors and executives to enable them to make strategically based decisions.

It is also my hope to assist large companies to develop a strategy of successful outsourcing of mundane finance activities in West Africa for mutual benefit.

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