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Dual Master’s Degree Personal Statement of Purpose Sample 1st 2 Paragraphs: MPA and MA in Economics; along with a Certificate in Emergency Management and Homeland Security, Applicant from Libya

A student from Libya, I was born and raised in my troubled country. Throughout my undergraduate years at the University of XXXX, our academic community has become my home away from home and I am most comfortable at UC would like very much to continue to study here at the graduate level. I also hope to stay in XXXX as a result of the fact that I am currently employed by the XXXX Center for International Futures at XXXX University where, among other things, I co-authored a document entitled “The Libyan Development Project.”

I am only applying to the School of Public Affairs at the University of XXXX. I hope to earn dual Master’s Degrees, the MPA & the MA in Economics as well as earning the Certificate in Emergency Management and Homeland Security. Throughout my time at the University of XXXX, I have watched as my country has been torn apart by a variety of competing social and economic forces and worldviews that have left it in total chaos, much of the country destroyed, authentic political power existing only at the local level. Events on the ground suggest that security for Libyans is only temporary, sporadic and localized at best. My country needs a great deal of help and I hope to become fully prepared for the task at the University of XXXX. It is my sincere hope that by the time that I finish my graduate studies, Libya may have one, central, more-or-less functioning government to work with upon my return home. This is the best-case scenario.

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