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MS Degree in Systems Engineering, Cybernetics

I am writing in support of my application for the Master's Degree Program in Systems Engineering at XXXX University. I am an engineering student in my final year with a special concentration in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, especially Cybernetics.  

As an engineer with a high sense of curiosity regarding complex systems and a strong background in Cybernetics, I have developed a great passion for systems engineering, the way that it is indispensable to the development of critical industrial systems in broad variety of sectors. I look forward to specializing in control and signal processing and to make important contributions to our knowledge base through tireless research efforts.

My experience in underground mining has given me an in-depth insight into the day -to-day industrial applications of systems engineering; including the design of successful,  complex systems and products that are increasingly cost effective, help to minimize risk, and adapting well to the environment at the same time that all technical and engineering  requirements are fully met. I find enormous satisfaction in the fact that my research makes a powerful contribution towards making technological advancement sustainable and building a better world for all.

I am convinced that your 3-year Master’s Program will equip me with an advanced knowledge of industry practices as well as the technical know-how and methods to tackle practical challenges. I look forward to applying fresh theoretical knowledge learned in core courses to the development of highly creative projects in industrial research.  My career aspirations are centered on the development of ever-larger and more complex systems to meet diverse customer need.

My colleagues tell me that I am highly innovative, flexible and cooperative. I am hard working and solution-oriented and I look forward to studying under the extremely accomplished faculty members at your university as well as the instructors at my cooperating company.

Thank you for considering my application to your program.

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