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Master’s Degree in Real Estate Finance Program, Sample Personal Statement of Purpose, Growing up in Bangladesh.

My father traveled for business and took me with him while I was growing up, from one side of Bangladesh to the other. I watched, observed, and studied my country and its people and noticed very early on the profound disparities that exist between the very rich and the very poor. The larger cities now have vast accumulations of wealth while most people in urban areas still work for menial wages, serving the interests and lifestyle of the wealthy. The rest of the country seems stuck in grinding poverty with little hope of advancement give the almost complete lack of infrastructure development and investment throughout most of the country. I want to contribute to resolving this abysmal situation as a business leader for the future in the area of Property Investments and Development. This is why I hope very much to be selected for your distinguished Master’s Degree in Real Estate Finance Program at XXXX University.

While I was born and raised in Bangladesh, I came to London for my undergraduate studies and am now working towards the completion of my LLB Degree from King’s College London. I have worked full time for the past three 3 summers with 5-6 months in total spent at each position. My first position was with an investment firm in Bangladesh (Date) performing Due Diligence Surveys for an Investment Analyst in the area of acquisitions of mostly commercial spaces and industrial land. I learned a great deal about real estate investment in this position that will serve me well as a graduate student in your program at XXXX, everything from finance to planning permissions and much in between.

My next ‘summer’ was spent in Lisbon, Portugal where I also served as an Investment Analyst. This time, my focus was primarily on residential properties, the full gambit, everything from run down sites for redevelopment through existing structures that were new or in excellent condition. I learned a lot about how the values of properties shift as a result of a broad variety of conditions and factors, with these differences being seen most graphically when examined comparatively across neighborhoods. In Portugal, I participated in a lot of forecasting analysis, looking at issues of risk/reward, depreciation, and return on investment.

This past summer I spent in Montreal Canada -  again focused on analyzing investments in different parts of the country, including remote areas such as Newfoundland. This gave me great insight into the vast differences that can exist between real estate and investment climates in densely vs. sparsely populated areas, in Bangladesh as well as Canada. I have also learned a great deal about the impact of income disparities across countries and how this is related to real estate development.

I especially enjoyed studying the complex ways in which different parts of Canada can be characterized as having a particular investment climate.  I have studied very closely the economic impact of population movements and shifting densities – comparing, for example, rapidly growing cities such as Vancouver and Toronto, with other cities that have more stable populations. 

I have a great personal as well as professional passion for policies that protect the natural environment in sustainable ways with an emphasis on the integration and regeneration of urban areas. The area of London in which I currently live, Stratford, is an excellent example of successful regeneration that I have studied with special intensity. Before the 2012 Olympics the place was downtrodden and in most of it in very poor condition. Since the games, the area has been rejuvenated and the quality of life for those living here has greatly improved. Many new residency buildings have sprung up along with some of the world’s most exciting new shopping centers, new, cutting-edge universities are also being planned.

Still only 22 years old, it pleases me to think about the long professional lifetime that I have ahead of me and I feel most keen to engage with the cutting edge of theory and reality in real estate development, especially projects and strategies for developing nations like Bangladesh. I think of myself as a real estate development professional and also a volunteer, as I seek to make my humanitarian mark in this area as well. No greater gift can be given to people than dignified shelter and I have no desire to devote my efforts of a lifetime to the high end of real estate investment. I am more attracted to plans that benefit the common masses of ordinary people.

In addition to Hindi and Bengali, I am also fluent in French and I hope to make use of this language as well at some point in my career at the service of the developing world, the former colonies of European nations. Some of my highest moments in life so far have been while serving as a volunteer in Bangladesh working with a resilient housing project for 100's of families in Rangpur in rural Bangladesh. We sought, with a certain degree of success, to change to focus of residential construction to disaster risk reduction in areas subject to numerous water-related challenges. We enjoyed success at the implementation of earthen solutions along with the use of other natural materials such as bamboo in the construction of low cost yet sanitary and efficient dwellings for people of very limited resources.

I look forward to the fullest and most rigorous immersion experience possible in global property markets, especially commercial, with a focus on finance and development. I could not be more excited by the prospect of the fullest of exposure to the very latest concepts in risk management and financial engineering in particular.

I thank you for considering my application to your competitive Master’s Program in Real Estate Finance at XXXX University.

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Sample 1st Paragraph MS Degree in Real Estate

Your Master’s Degree Program in Real Estate at the University of XXXX is my first choice for graduate school for a variety of reasons not the least of which is your location. I have found my social and business niche in the development and sale of luxury real estate. While I hope to make a lot of money in my lifetime doing what I love, I also like to think that my work is also noble insofar as environmentally friendly design and construction and the adoption of sustainable, green alternatives are of fundamental importance to attracting the interest of the people to whom I target my efforts. I like to think of the profession that I am cultivating as helping people to learn to live well, in community, and in harmony with nature.