I want to help you get accepted to a certificate or Masters Program in Real Estate Development.

It is very important that you review the style and presentation of your material before submitting it. Seeking the assistance of a professional writer is often a very good idea, especially if English is your second or third language. I would be happy to draft the first paragraph free of charge so that I have the opportunity to demonstrate to you how I can help in this regard. You will only need to pay for my services if you are very impressed with the first paragraph and decide to commission me to draft the entire statement.

I will provide you with a highly eloquent Statement that portrays you as someone with enormous potential to contribute to the advance of the real estate profession over the long term. After you fill out my Online Interview Form, I will ask you some specific questions by email if I need any further information. Please also send your resume/CV and or rough draft if you have one.

Help with your Personal Statement of Purpose and Objectives for a Real Estate Training & Certification Program.

These training programs are generally based on concrete behavioral objectives, specific measurable behavior that the student is expected to perform at the end of the training session. Many companies set their training objectives in terms of what the instructor wants (instructor-oriented) or how much material to cover (content-oriented). Nevertheless in order to have an effective training program, the behavioral objectives must be in terms of what the student is to perform. Examples of real estate training behavioral objectives are: “At the end of this session the student will be able to…”

· Recognized sources of listings
· Demonstrate active listing skills
· Explain the sequential nature of selling
· Structure feature-benefit statements
· List the steps of marketing a listing
· Plan a strategy and procedure for an offer presentation.

Statements of Excellence for Advanced Studies in Real Estate Sales and Development

I usually draft several Personal Statements of Purpose for advanced professional study in Real Estate each month and it is something that I have come to greatly enjoy. Real Estate is always especially exciting in an era of highly volatile markets where real it often serves as the major motor of development and economic recovery. I especially enjoy doing research on your behalf into real estate markets in your part of the world.

Real estate sales training has evolved from a rarely offered luxury to a necessity that new sales associates have grown to expect and the complexities of today’s market require. I have helped many applicants to MBA programs with a real estate focus, as well as drafting Personal Statements for Certificate Programs.

When writing your personal statement for a certificate program in real estate, therefore, one good strategy is not to focus so much on your life story but, rather, to discuss what it is that you are very excited about learning, concrete, specific skills that will enable you to excel as a real estate professional.

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Sample 1st Paragraph MS Degree in Real Estate

Your Master’s Degree Program in Real Estate at the University of XXXX is my first choice for graduate school for a variety of reasons not the least of which is your location. I have found my social and business niche in the development and sale of luxury real estate. While I hope to make a lot of money in my lifetime doing what I love, I also like to think that my work is also noble insofar as environmentally friendly design and construction and the adoption of sustainable, green alternatives are of fundamental importance to attracting the interest of the people to whom I target my efforts. I like to think of the profession that I am cultivating as helping people to learn to live well, in community, and in harmony with nature.

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Sample 1st Paragraph for the MPhil Degree Real Estate Finance, UK, Pakistani Applicant

Your MPhil Program in Real Estate Finance at the University of XXXX is my first choice for graduate school because of your in-depth focus on finance and the breadth and thoroughgoing scope of your curriculum. Still only 22, I finished my BSc at XXXX University with honours last year and I have become an established corporate finance professional since that time.  A British citizen of Pakistani origin, I hope to distinguish myself in your program by my passion for real estate development in the Developing World, particularly Pakistan. I plan to become RICS accredited here in Britain and to develop and maintain a focus on helping low income families to become home owners. At the same time, I want to continue to develop an intensive focus on real estate development programs in my native Pakistan, particularly those areas heavily impacted by the massive floods that have taken place over the course of the last several years.

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