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Cover Letter Employment Position, ESL Instructor

I am writing to express my interest in your current opening for the position of ESL Instructor at XXXX Community College. My intense passion and zeal for teaching EFL/ESL to speakers has grown enormously as a result of earning my Master’s Degree in TESOL and my experience teaching EFL abroad, currently, for the past year, in Vietnam. Mature and experienced, I am also a very hard-working teacher. As well travelled as I am read, the ESL program at Garden City Community College will provide me with an opportunity to improve as an ESL teacher and put to good use my passion for second language teaching and English Language education.

I have considerable experience using new methods in teaching ESL/EFL, especially with respect to computer assisted language learning (CALL), multicultural issues, and the education of global vision for international learners of English. I see the development and implementation of a variety of cutting-edge methodologies in English language teaching – working in synchronicity - as the central key that helps learners succeed, using authentic materials that yield maximum learning results. I am confident that my contributions would be a valuable asset to your already dynamic teaching environment in L2 learning.

A cosmopolitan individual originally from Babylon in present-day Iraq, I have traveled much of the world learning and teaching. A skilled facilitator of English language learning, I feel that I have the drive, dedication, and unique experiences that will enable me to make important contributions to your ESL program at GCCC on a variety of dimensions, particularly with respect to the development and application of TESOL  methodologies in such a way that they are optimally commensurate with the level of the learner. Perhaps most importantly, I have spent decades studying communications technology and years adapting it to cutting-edge purposes in the language classroom. Thus, I could not be more at home in the use of internet-based resources.

My résumé, enclosed for your review, contains additional details about my education and professional work record. I would be a great honor for me to be selected for an interview for this position and  I thank you for your time and consideration.

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Sample 1st Paragraph, Statement for Employment Position as Monitoring Analyst with XXXX Gas & Power

I believe that I am a strong candidate for the position of Monitoring Analyst with XXXX Gas & Power. In both of my last two professional positions, I have totally immersed myself in the challenges that we faced and was able to contribute heavily to major structural innovations in processes based on information and communications systems. I have learned a great deal through hands-on engagement with system overhaul and upgrade and I keenly look forward to the opportunity to give my all to a fast moving, cutting-edge company like XXXX, bringing my years of experience to bear on difficult challenges and putting it to good use in the service of XXXX.

Sample 1st Paragraph in Health Care Mangement

I feel strongly that I am an excellent candidate for the Graduate Healthcare Administrative Training Program because I just graduated from XXXX University with dual Masters Degrees in Health care Management and Information Technology, complementing my undergraduate degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of Phoenix. Given the way in which healthcare administration has become so IT driven in recent years, opening up vast opportunities for further progress in this area, I look forward to a lifetime of service to the VA always pushing myself to go that extra mile, thinking creatively about ways that we might continue to improve our information systems, thus helping to provide optimal care to our veterans.

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