Applicant from Azerbaijan, Criminal Justice

My family is originally from Azerbaijan and I am a near-native speaker of Russian. While I was still a small child when the Berlin Wall came down, the Cold War continues to color my existence, intellectual interests, and professional aspirations. My family and I, my husband and now our children, all of us are permanent immigrants to the USA and the USA will always be our home. Nevertheless, on both professional and personal levels of identity, I stay informed about where we came from: not only Azerbaijan, but especially Russia and Russian/American relations – in fact, anything having to do with the former USSR. I am fluent not only in Russian and English, but also Turkish and Azeri. I hope to put my language skills to good use in the future, at the service of keeping America safe and strong. My ideal professional position would be working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). I plan to strengthen my application to this organization primarily by earning a graduate degree in Criminal Justice from the University of XXXX at XXXX.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of XXXX and I feel strongly that this is the right time for me to go to graduate school and prepare myself for my maximum professional and intellectual contribution to our world, our story, the quest for justice and security on our troubled planet. My husband is attending the U of X at XXXX and if accepted to your distinguished Master’s Program in Criminal Justice, I would be able to commute alongside him. I am very excited about your new CRJ Program beginning this fall and I hope very much to be selected.

It would be a special honor for me to study under and be guided by Dr. XXXX. I especially admire her work with respect to the psychology of adolescence because I see this area as particularly important to understanding the challenges of criminal justice and public safety, working to keep young people out of the criminal justice system, and how to best deal with them once they are in there; and I see this as true on both domestic and international levels. One need only look at the ages of the terrorists who killed more than a hundred people in a nightclub in France a year ago, or 13 at the heart of Barcelona last week: they were young people barely out of adolescence.

Speaking on the telephone with your department, I am most grateful to Dr. XXXX as well who encouraged me to hurry and submit my application. I also keenly look forward to learning from him as much as I can about individual rights in the international arena as they relate to constitutional law. I have several friends who are CRJ majors at U of X and they all rave about Dr. XXXX’s lectures.

I am generally secular but from a Muslim family, and I understand Islamic thinking. I also stay up to date in my reading about events in the Middle East as well as the former Soviet Union, as much as I can, especially since Russia intervened in Syria. My family moved to the USA from Azerbaijan when I was 13. I have visited Russia with my parents and I have also been to Canada with my husband. I am not only orally fluent in Azeri, Russian and Turkish but I speak and write all three languages quite well. Thus, I see my language ability as perhaps my greatest professional asset and, along with my graduate training, it is my hope that it might attract the interest of the CIA and I might be given an opportunity to work for this agency.

I am passionate about individual rights, inmate rehabilitation, and against capital punishment as an unnecessary evil. Thus, I might not seem to be the ideal candidate for a position with the CIA; but, in the long term, my wildest dream is to have a humanizing influence over this organization, helping to make it accountable in terms of respect for human rights, to the extent to which this is possible in an extremely conflictive world in which the US remains the top player.

My application to the University of XXXX is simple, I seek to better myself and be a good example to my children. Completing your program will also help me to make my very best contribution to society and make the whole world a safer and perhaps more just place. As a result of earning my Master’s in Dearborn, I look forward to continuing on at some point and earning the PHD. I am a child of the Cold War and I know a great deal about Russia in particular. I have studied Russia's geography, history, and politics virtually my entire life. I think that I could be a great asset to the CIA. In fact, a CIA recruiter has already encouraged me to apply for the position of Intelligence Collection Analyst. I think it would be wise, however, to wait to apply until I am armed with a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of XXXX.

I thank you for considering my application.

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MPA, College of Criminal Justice, Public Policy, Human Rights of Juveniles

The Master of Public Administration Program at the XXXX College of Criminal Justice is my first choice for graduate school.  I look forward to lively and creative discussions in the area of Public Policy as well as administration, everything having to do with youth crime and delinquency control in particular, is my intellectual and moral passion.  I hope to develop a special focus and a lifelong commitment to the full rehabilitation of juvenile offenders, serving with a Criminal Justice Agency.  First and foremost, I hope to graduate from John Jay College as a top-notch administrator of social programs intended to uplift and protect the human rights of juveniles.  My focus is on rehabilitation and I look forward to a long professional lifetime helping young people that are or have been incarcerated to become productive members of our society.

I am a very capable and hard-working student and your MPA Program at XXXX will prepare me to become a successful leader, entrepreneur, inspiring and enabling me to make my fullest contribution in the future to the protection and empowerment of at-risk young people.  I really enjoyed being at John Jay College during my undergraduate studies.  The professors are especially well trained and experienced and present cutting-edge material from interdisciplinary perspectives, employing cutting-edge teaching and research methods that bring learning to life.  I appreciate the flexibility of your program and hope to finish within 2 years.  You will give me the tools that I need to succeed.

My central long-term goal is to start my own non-profit counseling center for juveniles in trouble, offering activities, counseling and mentoring for juvenile delinquents and at-risk high school students, mentoring and assisting young delinquent members of minority groups in particular to recognize their potential and show them how it might be fulfilled.  I'm for rehabilitation not incarceration.

Since the Master of Public Administration Program prepares students for careers in public and independent organizations as managers, analyst, and leaders, I see your program as the perfect place for me to grow as an Administrator/ Counselor.  I look forward to giving my all to the full-time study of Juvenile Delinquency, Public Administration, Ethics, Integrity and Accountability, and Program Development and Evaluation. Earning the MPA at XXXX, I will be able to attain my own goals at the same time that I help others attain theirs.

It has always been my intention to make a difference rather than merely make a living.  Since January of 2014, I have served as Administrative Executive Coordinator at the Graduate Center, providing support to campus and university executives.  My previous title at Brooklyn College was Office Assistant, Level III.  I do not feel that I am making a difference that I had intended with my life and now seek a new path which will lead me to making a direct and beneficial impact on the lives of those who deserve a second chance, serving as a guide to help them find their own path forward in life for their good and the good of society as a whole.  I keenly look forward to soon being enrolled in your MPA Program at John Jay so that each day that passes, I will learn how to give more to my organization.

I thank you for considering my application to the Master of Public Administration at XXXX College.