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Letters of Recommendation

Professors and doctors, and employers in general, are all very busy people. They do not have the time and energy to write letters of recommendation for all of the students, assistants, etc. who need them to write letters of recommendation on their behalf. As a result, they often have little choice but to tell the student applicant that he needs to write his or her own letter of recommendation. I am happy to write these letters of recommendation on your behalf for $149.00 each. All that you need to do is fill out my LOR Interview Form and answer any additional questions that I might have by email.

Sample Letter of Recommendation, LOR, Chinese Applicant, Real Estate Development

To Whom It May Concern,

I have known XXXX XXXX for five years, as a client, mentor and partner in real estate as well as international education. I could not recommend her more highly as a candidate for graduate school in Real Estate. I first met XXXX when my daughter attended her SAT classes and absolutely fell in love with her teaching style; and have also been most impressed by her kindness and generosity. Later, we became investment partners and I was equally impressed with her character and dedication in this regard. My daughter is now a junior at XXXX University and my friendship and professional relationship with XXXX has deepened as a result of my appreciation for her boost to my daughter’s career. I am the owner of XXXX’s managing brokerage, XXXX Realty, and a mentor for her investment and development work in British Columbia.

XXXX is a passionate educator and entrepreneur who founded her first company when she was barely 20 years old. I especially admire how she is so successful as an educator working with parents of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Her SAT classes and college consulting programs have earned her a great deal of admiration among parents in several countries whose children are working towards admission to US/Canadian colleges. XXXX has independently designed and implemented a steady, scalable business that is thriving and expanding, and has been very successful, in terms of numbers as well as reputation. She is now seen as the cutting-edge in her field, especially among organizations based in Vancouver and her success has a lot to do with her advanced people skills, managing a first rate team of counselors.

After my daughter graduated from XXXX’s program, our families became close friends and I had the opportunity to mentor and supervise her work in real estate. XXXX is both curious and sensitive, with great market instincts, and a master at knowing when and where to ask for help and discover opportunities. She learned a great deal about real estate from her parents and put it to work with stunning success by learning the art of real estate investment through a careful study of market trends. This has allowed XXXX to take full advantage of Vancouver’s market boom and to even expand her investments into coastal areas where she is developing condos and luxury homes with her family. She is highly adept at fully harnessing the power of her global experience, educational background, and advanced network of high-worth individuals to grow her own profile and that of her family. As an investor, realtor and developer, XXXX has learned about numerous aspects of our industry and I am convinced that we are witnessing only the beginning of what will turn out to be an extremely illustrious career in real estate development.

XXXX constantly helps and manages people much older than she is and uses her bilingual and bicultural capacities to the fullest advantage. As China and the Chinese rise in global stature, XXXX is at the vanguard leading the way. Fully devoted to lifelong education and advancement, XXXX never stops reading on her own about issues and challenges in the real estate industry in addition to taking professional courses offered by the board and local colleges.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, in addition to being an adept business woman and entrepreneur, I also see XXXX as a humanitarian who will continue to make important contributions to global society, especially through education and intercultural communication. My interaction with XXXX and her education team, over the course of several years now, has enabled me to increasingly appreciate the way that XXXX never sees money as an end or goal in itself. Rather, she clearly thinks in terms of economic resources as tools to make the world a better place to live, inspiring and enriching the lives of everyone with whom she comes into contact. One of the most disciplined, ambitious and hardest-working people that I have ever met, she gives her all to building communities at the same time that she manages her investments as an integral part of those communities.

I sincerely hope that she will receive the finest of real estate educations to complement her experience and maximize her potential to contribute to our profession and society at large – especially the human bridge between China and North America.



Founder of XXXX Realty