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Master's Homeland Security, Cyber-Threat Analytics and Prevention

The Master of Professional Studies in Homeland Security with a special, intensive focus on Cyber-Threat Analytics and Prevention, at the University of XXXX, is my first choice for graduate school. I deeply admire the sheer cutting-edge excellence of your program and its pioneering online flexibility which will allow me to continue in my current employment position. Since May of last year, 2017, I have been employed full time as a Security Administrator for ManPowerGroup’s public sector operations, providing highly trained employees with special skills to meet the enormous, ever-changing personnel needs of the US government. Many of these positions require security clearance and I have been intimately involved with these aspects of our function, in addition to cybersecurity and the security of our local facilities.

In my last semester at the University of XXXX and set to graduate in May of 2018, I am currently working on my Capstone project, an in-depth analysis of the extent to which US immigration control is or can be a useful instrument against terrorism. Being accepted to and completing your especially distinguished program will enable me to become a more well-rounded security professional, well versed in most if not all of aspects of Security Studies most closely related to my central focus on cyber security. I am dedicated, hardworking and have a keen desire for learning and professional advancement. My long-term goal is to serve in an executive position with the federal government and to be fully immersed for decades to come in cybersecurity policy making and threat prevention.

A Bosnian-American woman, I was born in Bosnia and lived there until the age of 7 when I fled along with neighbors looking after me to live as war refugees in neighboring Croatia – leaving both of my parents behind in Bosnia. A little less than 3 years later, we were relocated to Germany and then, at the age of 15, I was allowed to come to the USA. That was 1998. I have never returned to Bosnia, as the memories of war still scar my heart deeply and I am not yet ready. However, after 20 years of becoming American, and giving my all, heart, body, and soul to the study of security, especially everything having to do with cybersecurity, I am ready to give my all 100% to graduate study at the University of Pennsylvania’s vanguard program in Homeland Security. The depth and horrors of war, genocide, and chaos that I witnessed as a little girl, as I see it, make me a natural choice for Security Studies, since I have special and profound appreciation for peace and stability.

I want to inspire other women to get more involved with cybersecurity – as well as STEM programs across the curriculum. I feel strongly that women need to become full partners in our security efforts and this is perhaps particularly true in the area of cybersecurity where we also continue to be underrepresented.  I plan to continue to devote much of my energy on a volunteer level to working to involve girls not only in cybersecurity issues, but engineering, mathematics and science as well. In particular, I want to be an inspiration to my two lovely daughters.

I thank you for considering my application to Homeland Security at the University of XXXX.

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Samples of My Work for the Masters Degree in Security Studies & Closely Related Areas

Sample 1st Paragraph Department of the Army Civilian Employee, Homeland Security Fellowship

My vast experience in the United States Army and as a Department of the Army civilian employee has enabled me to cultivate my leadership abilities over the course of the last 35 years, in every aspect of leading organizational change, especially during turbulent, transformational times. The core fundamental methodology that I use in my leadership strategy is a values-based, strategic approach that places special emphasis on the development and execution of both flexible and transparent methods to ensure that people and property are cared for and financial responsibility is enforced.  I am currently assigned to the Regional Training Support Division East, which covers 5 training support centers providing Home Station and Deployed Training support to over 75 thousand U. S. and Multinational Soldiers from over 17 countries located throughout the European Theater. 

Statements of Excellence for Admission to Graduate School in Security Studies

Sample 1st Paragraph for the MSc in Security Studies, Nigerian Applicant

The MSc Program in Crisis and Security Management at XXXX University is my first choice for graduate school because I see the in-depth, global focus of your unique curriculum as the optimal platform for me to achieve my professional goal of contributing to the security and well being of my nation, Nigeria. Perhaps the strongest aspect of my application to your competitive program is the fact that amidst terrorism, corruption, widespread political violence on the verge of religious-based civil war, Nigeria is looking more like Syria every day; and this threatens Europe as well as Africa, particularly in terms of the potential of this violence to stoke an already very grave refugee crisis on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea. Thus, I hope to be selected to your program so that I can become a security expert helping to fight terrorism, insurgency, kidnapping and corruption in Nigeria.

I want to help you get accepted to a Masters Program in Homeland Security Studies.

My own academic background is in Social Ethics. I am a published historian of the Cold War and I have devoted my lifetime to studying the ethical issues surrounding war and conflict. Thus, I feel strongly that I am uniquely qualified to assist you in making your Statement for admission to a graduate program in security studies as effective as possible.

It is important to demonstrate in your statement that you have an analytical mind and would thus have much to contribute to the the national security community in the shaping of policy in years to come. Graduate school in security studies will provide you with a firm foundation concerning defense affairs and issues and the skills to evaluate and employ the tools of analysis to help resolve conflict.

You will learn a great deal about the many transnational security issues found in the contemporary international system, particularly with respect to the dynamics of globalization, transnational security issues involved in international systems, regions, nation states, sub-groups, other organizational actors, and individuals, You will learn tactical approaches to transnational security issues, with strong emphasis on terrorism, insurgency, weapons of mass destruction (WMD), organized crime, human security, and related issues.

Female Security Guard Training. Marshall Training Academy has set the standard for realistic use of force and firearms training.

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Sample 1st Paragraph for Graduate School in Security Studies, Latino Applicant

Finishing my undergraduate studies in International Relations next year, I hope to begin Graduate School in Security Studies at XXXX University next year so as to lay the most solid foundation possible for a career in public service. Being accepted to your program will be my crowning achievement so far and I keenly look forward to sharing with and learning from other students from all over the world at XXXX - as well as from my professors and course materials. Next year, the final year of my IR Program, I will spend a semester abroad in Mexico which will do wonders for my already advancing Spanish and the cultivation of my international sense of identity as a global citizen. I seek to become an expert in most areas of national security and foreign policy, with special attention to the Americas and our often overlooked but extremely important neighbors to the south.

Heroines of Security Studies

Security studies isn’t a hugely popular field of study for women. But we think it can and should be. Here are some women that are paving the way.

Laura Sjoberg

Laura Sjoberg is a feminist scholar of international relations and international security who specializes in gendered interpretations of just war theory, Feminist Security Studies, and women's violence in global politics.

She is author (with Caron Gentry) of the books Mothers, Monsters, Whores: Women's Violence in Global Politics (Zed Books 2007) and "Gender, Justice, and the Wars in Iraq," (Lexington Books 2006).

Sjoberg is editor of "Gender and International Security: Feminist Perspectives" (Routledge 2010), "Rethinking the 21st Century: New Problems, Old Solutions" (Zed Books 2009, with Amy Eckert), "Feminist International Relations: Conversations about the Past, Present, and Future" (Routledge 2011, with J. Ann Tickner), "Gender, War, and Militarism: Feminist Perspectives" (Praeger Security International, with Sandra Via), and "Women, Gender, and Terrorism" (University of Georgia Press 2012, with Caron Gentry).

Dr. Chantal de Jonge Oudraat is President of Women in International Security (WIIS), and she has held this position since February 2013. 

De Jonge Oudraat was also a Senior Advisor to the Center for Gender and Peacebuilding of the U.S. Institute of Peace and was the founding and executive director of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) North America (2012-2014).

Her previous positions include: associate vice president and director of the U.S. Institute of Peace Jennings Randolph Fellowship Program; adjunct associate professor at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University; and senior fellow at the Center for Transatlantic Relations, Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University.

She has also held senior positions at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, D.C. and the UN Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) in Geneva.

De Jonge Oudraat’s areas of specialization are: women, peace and security, gender, international organizations, arms control and disarmament, terrorism and countering violent extremism, peacekeeping, use of force, economic sanctions, U.S.-European relations, and women, peace and security.

She is co-editor with Kathleen Kuehnast and Helga Hernes of Women and War: Power and Protection in the 21st Century (2011, USIP Press). Other recent publications she has worked on include: : UNSCR 1325: “Conundrums and Opportunities,” International Interactions, 2013; ”Play it Again, Uncle Sam: Transatlantic Relations, NATO and the European Union” in: Chester A. Crocker, Fen Osler Hampson and Pamela Aall, Rewiring Regional Security in a Fragmented World (2011, USIP Press; “Sanctions in Support of International Peace and Security,” in Chester A. Crocker, Fen Osler Hampson and Pamela Aall, eds., Leashing the Dogs of War: Conflict Management in a Divided World (Washington, D.C.: USIP Press, 2007), pp. 335-352; “The Role of the Security Council,” in Jane Boulden and Thomas Weiss, eds., Terrorism and the UN: Before and After September 11th (Indiana: Indiana University Press, 2004), pp. 151-172; “The Future of U.S.-European Relations,” in Margaret Crahan, John Goering and Thomas G. Weiss, eds., Wars on Terrorism and Iraq: Human Rights, Unilateralism and U.S. Foreign Policy (New York and London: Routledge, 2004), pp. 174-187; “Combating Terrorism,” Washington Quarterly, Vol. 26, No. 4, Autumn 2003, pp. 163-176: “Humanitarian Intervention: The Lessons Learned,” Current History, Vol.99, No.641, December 2000, pp. 419-429.
De Jonge Oudraat completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Amsterdam and received her PhD in Political Science from the University of Paris II (Panthéon).

Ellen Haring

Dr. Ellen Haring is a senior fellow at Women in International Security, where she directs the Combat Integration Initiative. 

Haring’s research and work focuses on women and gender in the military. She is a West Point graduate, a retired Army colonel and a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the U.S. Army War College.

Haring holds a PhD in Conflict analysis and Resolution from George Mason University. She has been a guest speaker on foreign and domestic news shows including: BBC Radio, CNN, PBS News Hour, National Public Radio, and Voice of America. 

Haring guest lectures at universities and colleges and has been invited to address members of Congress.  Her recent publications include:

  • “Make Women Register for the Draft” US News and World Report(June 22, 2016)
  • “Integration of Women Depends on Male Leaders” Army Times (May 2, 2016)
  • “Our Military Shouldn’t Turn Its Back on Servicewomen Who Need an Abortion” Huffington Post (April 30, 2016)
  • “Give Women All of the Rights of Citizenship, Including Selective Service” Task and Purpose (February 26, 2016)

These women are strong figures in the security space. Will you join this field, and become one of the inspiring females that encourages other women? We hope so! Whatever you’re up to in your career right now, why not let us support you through our services?

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