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MAcc, Masters Accounting, Latina

I would very much like to enroll in and complete your Online Master’s Program in Accounting so as to be qualified to assume greater levels of professional responsibility in the business world. As a woman and a Latina, born and raised in an impoverished area of the Bronx, achieving professional success has been a struggle for me. Hard work has been central to my level of achievement so far and my diligence, inquisitiveness, and dedication to my work have helped to open doors for me to my professional future.

 XXXX’s program is my first choice to continue my professional preparation due to its convenience and high quality, especially its unique levels of accreditation. I am convinced that my high level of motivation and my ethics of dedication to my work make me an excellent candidate for your program. In addition to my undergraduate degree in Administration, I have also been preparing myself for a career as an accounting professional by assisting with the finances of my local church. I prepare a quarterly financial statement so members of the church are fully aware of the financial status of our congregation. Being extremely goal oriented—my profound dedication to my work and my professional training is the greatest gift that I hope to bring to your program. I also hope to serve as an example to other Latinas that the sky is the limit and that the business world is as open to us as it is anyone else. I look forward with keen anticipation to beginning your uniquely excellent program and continuing to prepare myself for greater levels of professional contribution to my family and community. I see Stetson as by far the best route to take towards my goal of earning the CPA Certificate and I want to thank you for considering me as a candidate to your program.

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