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MS Project Management, Oil & Gas, Iranian

A young Iranian man who completed my undergraduate studies here in Iran, I earned my first Master’s Degree in England, the MSc in Advanced Chemical Process Design at the University of XXXX in 2009. Since that time, I have lived and worked in Tehran as a Senior Process Engineer and I now I have more than 5 years of full time professional experience in the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industries.

I believe that it is the right time for me to further develop my managerial skills and prepare myself for greater career challenges by earning a second Master’s Degree through XXXX University in Project Management. In this way, I will be able to assume increasing levels of responsibility and maximize my long term contribution to the economic and technological advancement of Iran, helping to solidify our place in the global economy and our peaceful interdependence with all of our global neighbors.

I very much appreciated the experience of earning my MSc in England because it helped me to grow in every way, culturally, linguistically, becoming increasingly international in my outlook to everything, especially my hopes and dreams for the future. I want very much to live and work increasingly internationally in the future, not just in Iran but hopefully around the world; particularly so as Iran continues to advance at overcoming years of sanctions and again fully integrating itself as a participatory member of the community of nations.

While my country has made enormous strides at technological development over the last half century in particular, we are still a developing country, 2nd Word. While we are light years ahead of our neighbor Afghanistan, for example, we ourselves linger far behind the USA and even Russia. I hope to see this gap at least partially overcome within my lifetime, with Iranian society catching up to some extent in the future.

I believe that most of our greatest challenges in the area of oil and gas result mostly from mismanagement and a shortage of professional project managers who know how to apply essential and effective strategies in the areas of risk management along with planning and procurement. Earning the Master’s in Project Management at XXXX will allow me to become a highly efficient project manager with a strong academic background, ultimately being able to make my maximum contribution to the advancement of our society.

I am very much attracted to the flexibility of your program at Georgetown since I need to study primarily online from Teheran. I also appreciate your applied, hands-on approach to problem solving in global, real world scenarios. I thrive on multidisciplinary approaches to development and your program at Georgetown is unparalleled in the breadth of its scope - stretching across a vast spectrum of disciplines.

XXXX is for me the door to leadership going forward, initiative, bringing different industries together in new ways for novel heights of productivity through collaboration. In addition to learning from your faculty and benefitting from their extensive experience based in the real world, I also look forward to learning from my peers from all over the world, particularly other parts of the Developing World where similar kinds of challenges are faced as with Iran.

Ten years from now I see myself as a highly mobile and successful project manager, inspired and enabled by the finest faculty in the world. I look forward to making important contributions to the struggle to keep the Oil and Gas industry safe; and as clean as possible. I have now spent several years in petrochemical plants and I could not feel more at home. In fact, I find my greatest joy and fulfillment simply monitoring plant operations.

I have also carried out extensive research as well as translating articles. I not only speak but also read and write Turkish in addition to my native Farsi and this might continue to be useful to my future contribution as well.

My professional endeavors have helped me to become highly practiced at good customer relations, enhanced communication and efficiency. I pride myself in my ability to build a rapport with the client along with first rate team performance and time management excellence.My volunteer work with a pharmacy in the city center has also contributed to my professional development, working under pressure in an extremely busy environment assisting multiple customers simultaneously.

I swim, play tennis, football, body build, and read incessantly. I also support campaigns to defend the environment such as Friends of the Earth.

I thank you for your consideration of my application.

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