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Real Estate Development, Employment Position

Being selected for employment by EMAAR, the world’s leading real estate development company, would represent my wildest dreams made reality. As someone who aspires with all heart and soul to becoming the finest international real estate investment professional possible, I could not hold your organization in higher esteem. This is especially so because of the fully ‘global’ character or your organization, the way that you do business, and the planetary vision that you have for the future. I see real estate investment ventures that drive economic development across around the world as the best sign of the advancement of human civilization.

As a young Syrian man raised in Dubai, if given the opportunity to help shape the future of EMAAR as a sustainable, flagship operation that makes the most of global interconnectedness in the real estate investment world, I would add value primarily because of my progressive and creative agenda for the Middle East, the most conflictive part of our fragile institutional order. I see achieving some sort of working cease-fire if not a lasting peace in the Middle East to be very much in the interests of global real estate development generally speaking. I would like to leave my mark and be thought of as the young Syrian man with vision for tomorrow and vast hope that stability and prosperity can indeed be achieved against long odds and enormous obstacles.

I would like to see my selection to EMAAR’s team as complimentary to the presence of more than 82 other nationalities. I have been groomed since infancy to have big, international dreams. Born into a Syrian family and raised in the UAE, my father has been working there for the past 25 years and is now a partner and CEO of a major corporation based in Dubai - which is also a leading property developer. Our family owns property in Dubai as well as St. Kitts and Nevis where we are nationalized. My central professional goal is to become the most successful real estate professional possible, trained in the West and based in Dubai. I have no doubt that the reconstruction of Syria will be an integral part of professional contribution at some point down the road when the hostilities have ceased.

The last time I visited Syria was in 2010, well before the current civil war broke out. At that time, we still owned valuable real estate properties in Syria – most if not all of which have been destroyed. At some point in time when things are calm in Syria and rebuilding is underway, I want to be involved in reconstruction, driven most of all by a sense of patriotic and humanitarian calling to my family’s ancestral homeland. Emaar provides a truly world-class working environment where I can learn to be a leader from the leaders in our field. It would be a profound honor for me to make Emaar's goals and mission my own, serving alongside one of the most advanced and diverse workforces in the real estate world – together achieving great things, opening up new global frontiers in real estate development.

Now finishing up my BBA with a major focus on Finance at the University of Sharjah in the UAE, still 22, my father calls me a young idealist when I talk to him about my dreams of helping to rebuild Syria to something like its former glory. Nevertheless, I want to do what I can to help Syria as a real estate professional, especially years down the road if and when the opportunity should present itself. Operating out of Dubai, I want to help construct smart green buildings with sustainable design and architecture for the long term, for a new, peaceful and sustainable Middle East in particular. 

Dubai’s openness to global capital, people and ideas make it an ideal laboratory for a student of real estate cycles and finance. I have learnt to analyze world events – oil prices, Fed policy, banking stress, currency shifts and to evaluate their impact on the UAE property market. I have worked as an Intern at Finance House PJCS, an investment bank based in Abu Dhabi, serving in the following departments: Operations, Corporate and Commercial Finance, Trade Finance and Treasury Investments & Securities.

In addition to consistently making the Dean's List, I have also distinguished myself as a Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters certified user. My final project for completion of my undergraduate studies includes an Asset Valuation for Aramex PSJC and an evaluation of whether it is an under or over-valued firm. I have also conducted a mall analysis from a retail marketing perspective of 3 different malls in the City of Dubai including the world’s biggest mall, The Dubai Mall. I won the Exceeding Expectations in Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Award for this project.

I was selected to be part of the American University of Sharjah delegation team to Harvard National Model United Nations conference organized by Harvard University. This helped me to developed a global, civic identity and a better understanding of international law as it related to commerce.  This experience also enhanced my public speaking and diplomatic skills and helped me to think creatively on my feet while working towards the resolution of the issue being dealt with. Finally, I was also selected for a post-Brexit Educational Trip with my university to London in April 2017; we will be visiting the London Business School (LBS), at Cambridge University, Citibank, and other financial institutions and asset management firms.

I thank you for considering my application to EMAAR.

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