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MS Financial Engineering, Mathematics

I am a young Chinese woman who is very much in love with the art of financial engineering. I look forward to a long and highly productive career working in the banking or securities sector. I would very much enjoy a life of service as a bank analyst. While still only 26 years old, I have already had one most important internship opportunity, serving with XXXX Construction Bank. I adore research and have very much enjoyed completing every project that I have undertaken and this helped me to maintain a very high GPA. I have spent nearly three years in Europe and this has helped to prepare for graduate study at XXU.

 I first became particularly enamored with Financial Mathematics while studying options, futures, and derivatives, and my own research as to the complex ways that these are related to futures.  Some of my favorite moments have been spent learning how hedges are set up, for both long and short term purposes and how to choose the right type of futures contracts, with a special eye towards how risk can be minimized. Throughout my studies, I have developed a highly critical thought process coupled with a solid foundation in research methods, and this will help me to excel in your highly esteemed program.

 I am keenly looking forward to a most rigorous immersion experience in your program that will allow me to spend countless hours with numerical methods such as Matlab, stochastic process, and time series analyses. I thrive on the study of the classical methods of portfolio selection and capital asset pricing models. I developed my own independent study investigating financial tool boxes using Matlab to construct “efficient frontiers” and optimal weights for portfolio optimization . In the near future, I plan to be using Quant for the analysis financial engineering problems, integrating algorithm and software.

 For my thesis project, I worked with mean-variance and mean-VaR approaches and derived efficient frontiers with a mean-VaR model and a comparison of the two models carried out in EXCEL for the financial market .This project was particularly fulfilling insofar as I was able to consolidate my calculation and programming skills, statistics inferences, differential equations, and portfolio optimization in excel and time series with R . My research served to further deepen my dedication and enhance my high level of motivation to excel in financial mathematics research and I am most excited about learning a great deal more about financial software tools.

 During my last semester, I was selected as an exchange student and came to the US, where I had the opportunity to study statistics in depth as well as continuing my sojourns into probability models, taking  high level courses that have provided me with invaluable insight into wide range of probability models and how useful their applications in finance The culmination of my experiences was attending the Financial Engineering Practitioners Seminar and learning from leading Wall Street and other industry practitioners presenting highlights of their research.

 My undergraduate education at XXXX University has presented me with a most excellent analytical foundation in finance with a cutting-edge development of a specialization in mathematics since the program ranks #1 in financial mathematics among other undergraduate programs in Sweden. I have my heart set on studying at XXU because I see it as the finest program in Europe, especially in the areas of mathematics and computer science. I also deeply admire your faculty’s collaboration in the balance of theoretical instruction and practice, providing a half-year internship in last year of studies.

 As a Chinese woman I look forward to contributing the diversity of your academic community. I am most eager to meet with you and to give my all to your program. After I complete my Master Degree, I plan to work in the area of investment banking and securities and I am convinced that your state-of-the-art program is the optimal one to propel me on my career. I want to thank you in a heartfelt way for your consideration of my application.

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