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Sample 1st Paragraph MS Regulatory Science, Pharmacology Background, Indian Woman

A young woman from India who earned her MS in Pharmacology in the USA in 2009, since my graduation I have been working here in the USA as a research scientist for the pharmaceutical industry. Now that I have extensive experience in this area and I have put my first Master’s Degree to work professionally for a half decade, I feel strongly that the best way for me to advance in my career and achieve my long term goals is to earn a second, highly complementary, Master’s Degree. Thus, I am writing in behalf of my application to your especially distinguished MS Program in Regulatory Science at the University of XXXX so that I might broaden my professional potential to make important contributions to the search for bio-similar compounds that could help to decrease the cost of effective pharmaceutical products. I appreciate very much the leadership role of the FDA in this promising research and I have my sights set on the goal of working for this organization in the future.

TThe latest thinking and opportunities arising from new Biological Medicines.