Sample Additional Questions and Answers Concerning Diversity

1) Please describe your experience with diversity and your potential to engage diversity in the field or the profession (100 words or less) 

I grew up in a family where ethnicity was seldom talked about. My father was treated as if he were the first Mexican to arrive in Portsmouth Ohio. I married an ethnically diverse individual, further enriching my understanding of multiculturalism and what it means to be a minority. But my most formative experience in diversity was working with a community of indigenous people in Alaska. Professional engagement with diversity is central to my desire to work on behalf of children in Oaxaca, Mexico, introducing some of the poorest children on the planet to—virtual—freedom in the modern world

Why should we choose you over another candidate?  100 words or less

My greatest asset, not shared by the overwhelming majority of applicants, is my maturity. At 49, I would bring a lifetime of experiences to your program, many of which are fundamentally relevant to academic discussions of the roles of diversity and autochthony in the development of information systems. I see all needy children as my own; and my roots and lengthy experience in Oaxaca provide me with an excellent theater of operations for research and development of initiatives in children’s information resources. At the southern tip of our hemisphere, these are the North Americans that need us most. 

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Originally from the United States, I have now made my home in Bolivia at 59 years old. After earning my PHD in Religion (1995) from the University of Southern California, I have traveled much of the world, particularly Latin America. Since 2001, I have dedicated the bulk of my efforts to helping others to be accepted to graduate school, university, residency programs, etc.