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Saumple 1st Paragraph for the MS Degree in Electrical Engineering, Latino Engineer

I am the son of Hispanic immigrants, neither of whom finished high school. Nevertheless, the flame of education was never extinguished in my family. On the contrary, my parents dedicated their lives to the cause of helping me and my siblings to get a quality education and to pursue the profession of our choice. When I was only 5 years old, my father began teaching me algebra; in fact, we learned together. The extra time that my dad spent with me studying, reading, learning together as we always have, would come to fuel a passion over time for science, and especially technology.

Sample 1st Paragraph Masters Biomedical Engineering

I look forward to a career in biomedical engineering because of the depth of my commitment to research. My short term goal is to complete your distinguished Masters Program that will provide me with the optimal background and experience to make important contributions to the development of bioinstrumentation, especially insofar as my native Nigeria might be able to contribute to this noble enterprise. My country, like the rest of Africa, is in desperate need of economic development and I would like to devote my professional lifetime to helping Nigeria to develop new directions and initiatives in the manufacture of biomedical engineering, especially bioinstrumentation, devices.

Sample Personal Goal Statement for the Master's Degree in Civil Engineering

My dream has always been to design and build, the bigger the better, civil construction projects for our community.  This is why I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering. After graduating, I spent 8 years working for XXXX, one of the largest heavy civil/infrastructure companies in the world.  My current position is in the field of construction management, working for one of the largest water districts in the USA, XXXX Water District of Southern California. I hope to earn the Master of Science Degree in Civil Engineering with a focus on Construction Engineering and to do so at the University of XXXX.

So far, I have had the chance to work on several large-scale projects (120MGD Secondary Wastewater Treatment Plant and a 30MW Cogeneration Power Plant) ranging up to a value of 200 million dollars.  Thus, I have extensive experience that will help me to hit the ground running in your online Master’s Degree Program at UX.  I see your program as the most advanced of its kind and I could not be more excited about returning to my studies and the prospect of learning the latest, cutting-edge techniques and developments in my field.  This will enable me to continue to do what I do, only do it better and better.

I would like to move up into upper management within time in my current company.  I also look forward to being involved with many new, large-scale projects on the horizon and the opportunity to manage these projects (Bay Delta Tunnels and Advanced Water Treatment Plants).  Completing your program will give me the tools that I need for state-of-the-art excellence in construction engineering.  Alongside my professional experience, a degree from your program will enable me to complete my professional objectives.

I very much appreciate the fact that the UX has one of the best engineering programs in the country if not the world and the coursework that is offered suits my educational needs.  I look forward to the opportunity to learn from some of the best professors on the planet in the field of construction engineering.  Carefully reviewing the courses that you offer has me extremely excited about getting started.  My grandfather would always tell me stories of how he went to University of Washington to play football but due to injury was not able to finish his degree, leaving me with profound drive to graduate from UX for my grandfather and myself.

Now 86 years old and in declining health, my grandfather is highly pleased that I am hoping to earn my Master’s Degree at the UX. I also look forward to setting an excellent example for my children as a really hard-working father (son 8, daughter 6) since I will have less time to play with them which I will have to explain.

I thank you for considering my application to the University of XXXX.         

Sample 1st Paragraph Mechanical, Robotics

I will never cease to constantly hide my talents as an engineer. If I am silent, I am forgotten. I reject the stationary position because it is always the beginning of the end. I seek optimal preparation for a career on the cutting edge of advancement in embedded technology/ robotics/control system/optical technologies. My goal is to pursue a career in research, either in industry or in academia. I feel strongly that laboring incessantly in the battle for new advancement, breakthroughs, especially creative angles in this field: it is here that I can make my contribution to society. As an Indian student, I crave a Western education. I have selected your program at XXXX University as my first choice for study because of the excellence of the ongoing research undertaken by your faculty.

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How I succeeded as a woman in engineering

Excellence in Statements for Admission to Graduate School in Engineering

Inspiring the next generation of female engineers

The Heroines of Engineering

There aren´t as many women in engineering as we would like. But here are some fierce and fun females that are improving this field in beautiful ways.

Lisa Fetterman

In November 2010, Lisa Fetterman and her then-boyfriend were inspired by an episode of Top Chef to make a run to the hardware store and start down a path that would lead them to becoming one of the most successful Kickstarter founders yet. Lisa left a job in publishing and dropped everything to spend a whole season in China. 

What came of the late night run was the Ember Kit, an Arduino-based open-source kit that precisely controls the temperature of any appliance. It allows you to turn any kitchen appliance with a heating element into a sous-vide machine. 

The kit evolved into Nomiku, a San Francisco-based company where Lisa is now the CEO. They built the first immersion circulator that brings sous-vide cooking into the home.

Through the utilization of the HAXLR8R, an accelerator program based in Shenzhen to leverage the supply chain and factory ecosystem and the testing more than 100 recipes with the Nomiku circulator prototype, nearly $600,000 had been raised on Kickstarter in just 11 days.

After a lot of hard work, Lisa and her partners gained enough funding to start up as a hardware company – not always an easy task in today’s world of hot software/app start-ups.

“Hardware is not sexy, but I think investors in Silicon Valley are always looking for creative people that they can invest in,” she says. “If you are creative, you're not scared, and you show yourself to be a capable leader, they will believe in you. Most of the good investors invest in people, not a product.” 

Reshma Saujani

According to Girls Who Code, 74% of girls in middle school express interest in STEM, but when choosing a college major, only 0.3% of high school girls select computer science. Weird, huh?

The National Science Foundation reports that only 18.4% of computer science degrees were given to women as of 2010—a trend that has been steadily decreasing since 1991, when 29.6% of such degrees went to women.

Reshma Saujani, founder and CEO of Girls Who Code, was formerly the Deputy Public Advocate of New York City, where she worked to bring together public and private sectors to encourage entrepreneurship and civic engagement across the city. Since then, she has firmly set her sights on closing the gender gap in STEM education, empowering girls to pursue careers in technology and engineering.

Through starting the nonprofit Girls Who Code, she aims to reach gender parity in the different computing fields and believes this is paramount to ensure the economic prosperity of women, families, and communities across the globe, and to equip citizens with the 21st century tools for innovation and social change.

As well as inspiring more STEM interest among girls, Reshma became the first South Asian woman to run for Congress in 2010. She is the author of “Women Who Don't Wait in Line,” which was released in October 2013 by Amazon Publishing.

Becky Stern

Becky Stern, director of wearable electronics group at Adafruit, lights up any room when talking about open source and DIY. Literally, because she´s usually wearing LEDs.

She´s not what would be described as a traditional engineer. She has a BFA in design and technology from Parsons School of Design, and has put her artistic skills to great use in the hot areas of wearables and Arduino.

Stern is quickly becoming one of the most recognizable makers, not just because she sports an LED-enhanced wardrobe, but thanks to her weekly Wearable Wednesday show and various other opportunities she has made the most of to help spread the joys of DIY making through STEAM (STEM, plus an A for art). She presented to a full house at the most recent Open Hardware Summit at MIT.

Eileen Bartholomew

When Eileen Bartholomew spoke at January’s DesignCon event, the crowd were on the edge of their seats. Bartholomew heads prize development for the X PRIZE Foundation, an organization dedicated to developing radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity through incentive prize competitions.

Some of the foundation’s better-known competitions include a $10 million prize to create a battery 500 to 1,000% better than today's technology; the $10 million Ansari X Prize for creating a vehicle that put three people 100 kilometers into space twice within two weeks; and the Qualcomm X Prize for the design of a Star Trek tricorder-like handheld device that can diagnose 15 diseases and record five vital signs.

Bartholomew actually holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Harvard College and is a graduate of Singularity University. But she’s spending her career inspiring people to explore new ideas that could benefit the world in major ways, often via engineering.

“What attracted me to the X PRIZE model was that the foundation helps companies innovate by announcing an audacious but achievable target and challenging the world’s greatest thinkers to solve it. And, as a result, they create new markets, like private space travel, ocean exploration, and consumer digital health,” says Eileen. 

Super Awesome Sylvia

At 12 years old, Sylvia is smarter and more creative than most adults you’ll meet on the street. Sylvia Todd, aka Super Awesome Sylvia, shares her love of DIY engineering through the Sylvia’s Super Awesome Maker Show, which she started when she was 8, just before going to her third Maker Faire.

Within a few months of that event (where she handed out homemade business cards she had drawn herself), the tween maker queen was doing shows for Make Magazine online and was soon being asked to speak at TEDx Redmond and TEDx San Jose, and to teach at CMK and STEAM Day.