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Professional MBA, Aerospace Engineer

I am an aerospace engineer whose short term goal is to earn a XXXX MBA. My long term goal is to become the Director of Research and Development for a large corporation, preferably my present employer, the Boeing Company. I have been working for Boeing as an aerospace engineer since February of 2013 and I look forward to many more decades of hard work yet to come as a pioneer of space as well as air travel. I have been working on research and development for a wide variety of aerospace engineering products and I am confident that my experience will help me to excel in your program.

My duties entail the study of new technologies, design and development of algorithms and the testing and verification of software implementation. Upon occasion, I interact with customers so as to be able to convey their feedback and concerns to the engineering team. Continuing to work at the same time that I earn my MBA is the right choice because the advancement of my career will depend upon my advancement as an engineer as well as a businessman. By studying toward the XXXX Professional MBA, I will obtain the ultimate preparation that I need with respect to both of the pillars upon which my long term goals depend, becoming both a distinguished engineer and also a successful and creative business development planner.

Increasingly, I have come to better understand that my education and professional performance is still incomplete and that being an engineer is only half of what I want to become for the long term. I also want very much to be a businessman in the fullest sense of the word. I see the XXXX School of Business as the flagship MBA program in Texas and the optimal location for me to complete my education and earn the MBA. Most of all, however, is the way in which your faculty has distinguished itself in the area of energy, since energy is so critical to the future of air and space travel.

It is my dream to lead a team of dynamic Aerospace professionals in research and development. I believe that the passionate nature of my dream is the principle reason why it will come true, because of the intense drive, devotion, and energy that I have for my work. I am highly motivated to move up the corporate leadership ladder and committed to attaining a position where I will be able to make decisions that have a direct impact on the company’s future. To succeed in my goals, the XXXX MBA will provide me with the necessary knowledge and experimental learning, going far beyond textbooks.

As an immigrant, I have a diverse background and a cosmopolitan value system that always keeps me looking forward, devoted to lifelong learning to the fullest degree. I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program and giving my all to the XXXX School of Business as a team player learning from fellow students and industry participants in addition to the distinguished faculty. I will be ever available to go that extra mile to make each of our team ventures a resounding success. I am a people person and giving my all to the team comes most natural to me. I constantly study those around me, my colleagues, because I want to understand what makes them tick. I am also flexible about group leadership and believe that group members should play different roles and it is not necessary to always be a leader.

Last but not least, both my short and long term goals include an involvement in volunteer activities for the advancement of community. Over the course of the last few years, I have been connected to REACH, an employee development organization that strives to engage with and develop employees by offering opportunities for career development, networking, and community activities. We believe that community involvement and giving back is a cornerstone to success, both personally and professionally. We support painting and restoration of community buildings and parks, literacy efforts, pet adoptions, Toys for Tots, food drives, and beach cleanups. I like to think of myself as someone who acts locally with an intergalactic mind.

I appreciate how the XXXX School of Business is an internationally recognized institute known for its highly valued faculty, expansive alumni network, and revolutionary research. I like how your Professional MBA Program offers an on-campus multicultural classroom experience, access to student clubs and flexibility to choose electives. Thus, I see the XXXX MBA as the ultimate springboard that will ultimately lead to the fulfillment of my long term goal of becoming a highly successful, global business executive.

Looking back, I feel that my arrival to the U.S. in search of higher education changed my life. After completing my undergraduate education, I was hired as a software engineer, with top salary, by one of the most reputable IT Companies in India. I could have enjoyed a comfortable life and foreseen a decent career ahead of me.  However, I did not find the work very interesting and challenging. Quitting a promising career in IT and starting a Master’s Degree Program in Aerospace Engineering at XXXX University was the most defining event in my life.

With a bit of skepticism, I left India, family, friends, and a well-paying job. I trusted my instincts that it would all work out. I arrived at Auburn University where I spent the next three years as a graduate student. My stay at Auburn provided me with the most valuable experience and redefined me as a human being.

I was employed part-time with XXXX University as a Research Assistant. In this role, I worked on the development and theoretical validation of a new technology, namely, system identification of aircraft. I was fortunate to have a research advisor who was always open to discussing any new ideas and who had an abundance of patience when it came to explaining difficult research topics. Under his supervision and encouragement, I worked hard with perseverance and commitment and eventually overcame the inevitable obstacles of graduate level research.

I was also employed part-time with XXXX University as a Teaching Assistant. In this role, I tutored laboratory sessions to freshman and junior year students. I also supervised senior design projects. Teaching greatly enhanced my graduate school experience. It gave me a platform where I improved my public speaking skills, and overcame the feeling of being a foreigner or an outsider.

Like my academic experiences, my social experiences also contributed toward my growth as a human being. I enjoyed meeting new people, getting to know new cultures, enjoying different cuisines. I love how the U.S. is a melting pot of so many different cultures. I participated in International Student Organization’s social hour events where I met students from over thirty different countries. I also volunteered with XXXX University’s Centre for Diversity and Race Relations. Here, I witnessed the commitment of a very highly motivated group of individuals dedicated to the advancement of cross-cultural collaboration and appreciation.

Through my American friends, I was also exposed to biographies of statesmen, great thinkers, sportsmen, coaches, and revolutionists. For example, from Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography, I learned the importance of leading a life based on virtue. I also read Coach John Wooden’s ‘They Call Me Coach’. His passion for perfection and attention to particulars prepared his players to win both on the basketball field and in life. These readings have made a lasting impression and always inspire me on achieving perfection in all my undertakings.

My experiences in the U.S. have changed the way I think about myself and act towards others. I have learned to admire individualism as well as the importance of being highly responsible to all members of our society.  In retrospect, I can say that the decision of coming to the U.S. has had a very positive impact on my life. I will always regard it as the most defining single event of my life.

I must credit my parents for providing me with a progressive atmosphere during my formative years. From schooling through extra-curricular activities, seemingly minor things which as a child I did not ascribe much importance to – but now with benefit of hindsight I can see more clearly – they had the foresight to provide me an open and highly stimulating environment to grow up in. I was taught to live life on my own terms. Armed with a powerful inner conviction of my own capacity for success, I set out on my career path and came to America to advance my career and earn my Masters Degree, a move which was seen as most courageous by my peers. I now consider myself to be Indian-American and my transition has helped me to learn a lot of valuable lessons about change, adaptation, the power of media and technology, and how Google has changed our world view and the rules of international commerce and politics.

If there is one thing I have learned through the years it is to fix my attention on a goal and to stay absolutely focused and dedicated to that goal. Like the marathon runner, I say to myself: one step more. I have developed a personal drive to excel in whatever task I take up. Moving from India to the US has given me the opportunity to experience a completely different country and culture with vast learning opportunities. Having lived in two very different countries has given me a wider perspective of the world, allowed me to appreciate the best of both, and to assimilate the same. It has also shown me the importance of culture and customs in professional and personal relationships. Having grown from this experience, I am even more interested to learn from and assimilate new cultures. On the whole, I believe the experiences and opportunities that I have had have given me the right combination of skills and perspective to excel at a career in business.

My formative years have also given me a unique cultural background that will enable me to contribute to the vast diversity of XXXX University. I am trained in the traditional Indian arts of Garba (folk dance) and Bhawai (folk play). To some of the culturally inquisitive and adventurous among my classmates, I hope to share my art, which is one of our greatest Indian cultural treasures.

I remain mindful of my weaknesses in order to overcome them. Although I enjoy training colleagues who grasp technical details quickly, sometimes I tend to get impatient while explaining details to colleagues who do not learn at a certain pace. Recently, I have begun teaching a short course on Spacecraft Control to a team of three engineers who manage diverse assignments in support of our business. In this new role, I respond to their queries on a day-to-day basis and I feel that this is serving to further cultivate patience on my part, helping me to overcome my tendency to become impatient upon occasion.

Based on where I enjoy spending time, I sum up myself as sociable, fitness enthusiast, intellectually curious, creative and adaptive. Instinctively, I tune into people and connect with them. Majority of my nonworking time goes to family and friends. My personal network and interactions with people is where I draw energy from. I feel stress-free and joyful when engaged in fitness related activities. I run at least 15 miles per week. Running is meditation to me.

At work, I generate certain kinds of ideas quickly. I draw links between facts, problems and solutions. I can provide creative input when presented with problems. By curious nature, I enjoy listening to intellectuals, observing the surroundings, and reading to some degree especially biographies. This allows me to gather certain kinds of information to expand my knowledge. At work, I have been labeled as the calmest person. When most of my colleagues seem to tense up in pressing situations, I quickly adapt and enjoy working under pressure. It makes me feel alive. I strongly believe in Richard Bach’s famous suggestion — “You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however”. I know that when I will reach to XXXX School of Business, I will have to work hard to achieve my dreams, but I have the desire and the ability to do so, all I seek is the opportunity.

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