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MS Degree in Engineering, Iranian

I am an Iranian woman who was born and raised in Iran. I anticipate the award of the M.Eng. (Chemical Engineering) from the University of XXXX (UK), July 2011. My professional aspirations require, however, that I also hold the MS Degree in Engineering.

 What happens when you cross a mechanical engineer and a material engineer? Well, you get me! With parents such as mine, who both love science and their work in engineering, it was, I suppose, not surprising that I loved scientific subjects at school and excelled in them, nor that I should then develop a deep passion for engineering having been subject to accidental engineering of the genetic variety myself!

 My love for science during my school days developed into a passion during my university studies in Chemical Engineering which was both challenging and fascinating. I was drawn to this area of study through a wish to apply my theoretical knowledge into practical applications and especially those applications having as wide a beneficial effect as possible. I am especially interested on working to assist the food industry in the area of food stability and thus to make the world’s food stocks go further and to benefit the end consumers.  It is my ultimate goal to be involved in the design of safe, secure and environmentally friendly plants for the production and processing of food products which would ‘marry’ the knowledge I have already gained with the knowledge that I seek to acquire through participation in your program. It is my hope to undertake research relating to the food industry during the program, should my application be accepted.

 I have had the experience of working as an intern process engineer in two companies since completing the studies towards my M.Eng.  I thoroughly enjoyed this experience which has been of great value to me, not least in teaching me how chemical and mechanical engineers work together for the same ends and the relationship between the two disciplines.

 I am widely travelled having visited many countries including Spain, Italy, Portugal, Dubai, Canada, Malaysia and the United States. I am curious about cultures other than my own and enjoy being exposed to them. I am keen to interact with people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds.

 I am aware that the prestigious program, for which I am applying, will attract many well qualified applicants. However I genuinely feel that I can ‘add value’ to the academic community by bringing a thoroughly diligent and committed attitude to my work, the fruits of my academic and practical experience to date and, not least, my passion for the subject.

 Thank you for considering my application.

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