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MS Industrial Engineering, Chinese

I am a young woman from China who lives to help people all over the world to become more efficient. I adore technological progress and development and this is why I have devoted my life to helping our global economy to become more streamlined and productive with less waste of valuable resources, so that we can better feed our children, protect our planet, and mitigate human suffering worldwide. There is always a better way; this Chinese motto accurately expresses the spirit of constant innovation that I feel strongly should characterize the work ethic of all industrial engineers. It has come to define my personal philosophy. I will put it into practice every day through my personal struggle to contribute all that I can to this field.

I first learned about operations research while in high school, and was immediately fascinated with what I learned about the importance of efficient decision. Thus, I entered the Industrial Engineering program at Nankai University where I have maintained a consistent path towards advanced study in Operations Research, especially through stochastic process, data mining techniques and feature extraction methods. I appreciate the way that my studies are interdisciplinary and highly relevant to improving the efficiency of industrial systems; taking classes in mechanics, electronics, materials and so forth. I am a good student, which is why I have won three different scholarships.

My undergraduate studies have also helped me to develop strong analytical and problem-solving skills. My teachers have encouraged me to apply to graduate school because they feel that I have a lot of creative energy to contribute to our IEOR. The University of Washington is my first choice for graduate study because of the profound respect that I have for the important research taking place at your university.

One highlight of my career so far was taking part in an innovation research at Nankai University, serving as the leader of a group of 4, studying the service quality of express mailing in China. We collected questionnaires on the Internet then analyzed 17 indicators of SERVQUAL by using the Kano model. We won third place for the Excellent Paper Award at the 11th China Logistics Academic Annual Conference.

For the spring semester of my junior year, I had the privilege of studying at Taiwan’s National Tsinghua University as an exchange student. Most teachers there are US educated and they also encouraged me to apply to graduate school in the US. I was particularly pleased to learn a great deal about the semiconductor industry in Taiwan as well as the successful operation of 7-11 convenience stores throughout the entire island as a result of a highly effective supply chain with punctual, accurate delivery. Another highlight was my two-month internship with Ericsson (China) where I was able to greatly heighten my understanding of agile and lean production and management methods as well as the importance of personalization. At Ericsson, I came to a much fuller understanding of the importance of strategic management for a company's development in a complex business environment.

Most recently, I developed a call center simulation for the China Construction Bank, utilizing methodologies such as linear programming, scheduling, and stochastic simulation. Now, I feel that I have the experience and maturity in my field to be able to excel in your highly competitive program. I see your program as one of the finest in the world and keenly look forward to a complete immersion in my studies in a program that stands on the cutting-edge of creative research in our field.  I feel that my background and experience is a good fit for your Masters program in Operations Research and Information Engineering, particularly because of my dedication to the study of stochastic process, statistics, modeling and simulation.

I want to thank you for considering my application to your distinguished program.

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