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PHD Operation Research, Industrial

What happens when you cross a Ph.D. (Math) with an M.S. (Civil Engineering)? Well, you get me!  With parents like mine I was raised, unsurprisingly, in an environment where numbers were as important as letters and where my games almost always involved numerical and logical challenges, which I loved. My parents were not only enthusiasts in their subjects but natural teachers and I was their very fortunate and eager student. Before I reached 6th grade, I had recognized the connection between math and engineering, that it was possible to discover the best solution to my three-dimensional puzzles with no more than a piece of paper and a pencil! I was thrilled by my discovery and remain enthralled by it.

 I specialized in science subjects as soon as possible at high school and ultimately joined the B.Sc. program at the prestigious King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals from where I graduated with honors with a degree in Industrial Systems Engineering. I was then employed at the University as a Graduate Assistant whilst undertaking studies for my Master’s degree, my research area being Optimization. I was also selected, from M.Sc. student engineers of various disciplines, to join a project to develop new optimization algorithms and techniques for resource allocation and planning for wireless network groups, this project was successfully completed. I also had four papers published arising from my M.Sc. research.

 Throughout my university career, I have been involved in various volunteer activities using the knowledge I acquired in my studies. For instance, because of my knowledge of optimization, I was asked to produce activity schedules for fellow students and I produced food distribution schedules following a climatic crisis and consequent shortages. I regard it as a privilege to have been able to apply my knowledge to provide practical solutions in emergency situations.

 I am widely travelled throughout the Middle East and Europe. I am curious about other cultures and look forward to working with people of various cultural backgrounds, learning from them and providing some insights into my own culture.

 Having completed my Master’s degree, I have firmly decided that I still want to know more about my subject, to extend my knowledge as far as is possible, to discover new truths about it that will be of general benefit and to ‘infect’ others with my passion. Happily, because of the standard of work done in achieving my Master’s degree, I have been awarded a full scholarship for Doctorate level studies in the U.S. and I can hardly wait to begin.

 It is now my hope to undertake advanced theoretical studies and research in a highly challenging and prestigious academic environment. I also look forward to being involved in helping to teach students as I intend to teach in future. I am especially interested in undertaking research in one or more of the following: applied optimization, mathematical programming, simulation, stochastic process and decision sciences. Having completed the Ph.D. it would be my goal to combine university teaching and research in Saudi Arabia in collaboration with the major companies operating there, such as ARAMCO or GE, and, in this way to be of benefit to my community.

 Whilst I am aware that this program will attract very many well qualified and enthusiastic applicants, it is my firm belief that I would be an excellent ‘fit’. I can offer a genuinely passionate interest in my subject and an endless curiosity about it, some experience of research, teaching and working on project teams providing real and immediate benefits to the community together with a fervent desire for new and demanding challenges.

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