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Masters International Real Estate & Planning UK

Perhaps the greatest strength of my application to your esteemed and competitive Master’s Program in International Real Estate & Planning at XXXX in London is my sheer passion and devotion to the cause of environmentally-friendly real estate development. I feel strongly that I am uniquely suited to excel, in particular, in the area of sustainable construction. A British man with professional experience in the area of property, 22 years old, I see my studies in Ireland at XXXX College in Dublin—in politics and geography, planning, and environmental governance—as providing me with a powerful springboard to excel in Real Estate Planning at XXXX in London.

My coursework has focused primarily on the fusion of environmental governance with politics. I find the study of politics to go hand in hand with that of the psychology of human and subsequently environmental communities, the sense of moral or civic identity that binds them together. Thus, I want to be able to take what I have learned thus far and put it into action by giving my all to my graduate studies. One of the reasons why I am confident that I will excel in your program is my devotion to the cutting-edge technology of real estate opportunity at the very same time that we save our children’s children of an almost assured destruction as a result of global warming. I have been following one case closely here in Ireland where a community is instituting a heat transference system with the potential to save £300,000 each year.

Completing your program will propel me forward to become a chartered surveyor. Ultimately, my long term goal is to spend decades working as a global real estate investment manager. My undergraduate studies in Politics and Geography have also been heavily concentrated on Africa, which has spurred me on to want to get to know Africa personally, working and engaging there in real estate development.

In fact, my last four years at XXXX College in Dublin have inspired a passionate interest in a variety of academic areas and I find all of these areas of study to be helpful for moral, practical, and political questions concerning real estate development in the Developing World. Most of my work experience has been for property companies. I chose this area because I have always had a passion for property management. I am a member of the Urban Land Institute in London; and along with other members, I have visited many newly developed commercial buildings, like One New Change opposite St Paul's where I sometimes attend lectures.

Working for Strutt and Parker in London at their West End and City Office for one month in 2013 was certainly one of the highlights of my career so far, serving mostly in the areas of 'Business Rates' and 'Investment Teams’. I also spent two summers attending to clients for Let Solutions, an estate agency in Canterbury. It is difficult for me to overestimate the extent to which my dedication to environmental issues has inspired my high degree of motivation to excel in your Master’s Program. In fact, I worked for Greenpeace HQ in London, spending two months on the Energy and Politics Team.

Living in Ireland and being able to see the lasting effects of the Celtic Tiger, has made me particularly interested in the complex relationships between real estate investment on the one hand, and government tax reliefs on the other. All over Ireland one sees empty housing and offices as a result of an oversupply of developed property that has resulted from different forms of tax relief combined with readily available access to credit. I am particularly look forward to studying in greater depth the motivation and attributes of real estate investors as well as everything having to do with real estate portfolio construction.

I thank you for considering my application.

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