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MSc Real Estate UK, Malaysian Mom

A Malaysian woman, now 35 years old, I am a designer with my own studio and the mother of two beautiful girls. As well travelled as I am read, I spent the first 14 years of my life in my native Malaysia, I have had the opportunity to live, learn, and grow for one year in Belgium, 4 years in Australia, 17 years in London, and one year in Spain. Since my professional goal is to help people from all over the world with their real estate needs in a highly international European city, I feel strongly that my international exposure and experience will help me to excel as a real estate professional.

I think of real estate more as a career development than a career change. I already have experience in this area that has inspired me to pursue the MSC Degree at XXXX University as I recently had the privilege of working as a Real Estate Sales Assistant for almost 8 months in Kuala Lumpur. I very much enjoyed the face-paced challenge of this very international office, assisting with the preparation of legal documents, listing, sales contracts, etc. Increasingly I came to realize that I have found my professional calling.

Your MSc Program at XXXX is my first choice for many reasons. I am most enthused about the prospect of study online, at the same time that I really like the way that your unique, cutting-edge program is structured with short yet intensive blocks of attendance. I see your program as especially innovative and I am very much attracted to your focus on neighbourhood and the importance of having a share in the building of strong communities.

I love people and the celebration of diversity and I hope to spend the balance of my professional life helping my clients to find their dream home. I am a very friendly and outgoing person who is well suited towards a real estate career. I look forward to extensive community involvement as I see this as of central importance to our professional image and the progressive enhancement of our profession.

Among the many project on which I have worked as a designer has been skateboards and I first visited Barcelona, Spain on a trip with a skate boarding team, as Barcelona is the Mecca of skateboarding. I fell in love with the diverse beauty of Barcelona and since that time I continued to travel to Barcelona whenever I could while living in London. After graduating from the university I moved to Barcelona and lived there for almost a year, long enough to know that this is where I wanted to ultimately settle down and raise my daughters. Friends and family often suggest that it might not be wise to invest everything in establishing oneself in a nation with a very weak economy but that does not matter to me, as I put lifestyle above money on my agenda of priorities.

I feel strongly that I have found my calling in life as a residential property agent since this profession provides the flexibility and freedom to set my own pace, generally out and about as I very much like to be, helping people with one of the greatest needs in life and celebrating their joy after assisting them. I thank you for your consideration of my application to your distinguished program.

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