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MA Translation, Security, Russian Accountant

I am a young woman from Russia with a degree in Accounting who won a green card on the lottery and moved to America not long after graduating from college in 2009. I selected your distinguished MA program in Translation at XXXX University because of its sheer excellence and the exciting nature of t…

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PHD Information Systems & Operations Mgmt

Your doctoral program at the College of Business at the University of XXXX is my first choice for graduate school because it is the most exciting program that I have found in terms of innovative thinking on the cutting edge where Information Systems meet Operations Management. I am a young man from…

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Masters IR & Political Science, Canadian, Turkey

I am a young man who is deeply engaged with Turkish politics and history because it is my homeland. The fact that I am just as much Canadian as I am Turkish, I hope, will prove to be an asset to my objectivity and learning to think and feel about issues close to the Turkish heart from a variety of …

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LOR, Masters Management & Statistics, Chinese #1


RE:  Applicant XXXX

Dear Admissions Committee Director:

I have now been teaching at XXXX Management College for the past 5 years. During this time, I have treated research as my absolute priority and we have made enormous progress in a broad range of areas. I am writing this letter on beha…

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Masters Supply Chain Management, Africa

I am applying to XXXX University’s Supply Chain Management Masters Program for many reasons, first and foremost of which is the highly developed specialization of your program in my area, Oil & Gas Development. I am originally from Tanzania and I see it as my home, my people, and it is for this rea…

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Masters Physician Assistant Studies, Belize

I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program as a young woman from Belize. Unlike most people from my country, I am fluent in Spanish as well as English, learning it as a child from my grandmother who did not speak much English. As a Spanish speaking woman of African descent, I f…

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MA Translation, UK, Saudi Woman

Still only 24, I am a mature and hard working young woman from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on the coast of the Red sea. Jeddah is one of the most international cities in the Middle East and the most international and liberal of Saudi cities, where foreigners feel most comfortable. I completed my undergrad…

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MSC Politics, Economics & Philosophy, Brazil

A young man from Rio de Janeiro Brazil, I  have been making vast strides at perfecting my English in England;  still 24, I have so much left to learn. My country, these days, is a showcase economy, the envy of the world in terms of economic growth, and increasingly the pride of all South America. B…

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English Teaching Scholarship Essay, Central Asian

Describe an occasion when you were a leader or set a positive example in your school.

I live in Kokshetau, Kazakhstan and I have been teaching English for 9 years.Central to my teaching philosophy is the design of lesson plans that empower students in practical ways, developing tools that will se…

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Cover Letter for Internship in Hospitality

Central to the strength of my application to XXXX Hospitality’s Corporate Summer Associate Internship Program is my enthusiasm for new, creative ideas in finance. I seek additional immersion in solid investigation, putting my analytical skills to work on the cutting edge of international finance, a…

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MS Industrial Engineering, Chinese

I am a young woman from China who lives to help people all over the world to become more efficient. I adore technological progress and development and this is why I have devoted my life to helping our global economy to become more streamlined and productive with less waste of valuable resources, so …

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MS Engineering Medical Devices, Iranian

I am an electrical engineer who has recently immigrated from Iran to the USA. I want very much to continue my studies on the graduate level here in my new home, California. It has always been my dream to be able to contribute to saving lives through the development of more effective medical instrum…

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Masters Electrical Engineering, Chinese Applicant

The gorgeous light as well as the beautiful melody deeply fascinated me. The electronic building block seemed to have a magic power to me when I was a small child. I remember spending hours poring over the little blueprints that came with my toy and then constructing different circuits. That may hav…

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Cover Letter for Job, Health Care Technology

Month, Day, Year

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am in my second year of a Master’s Program in Biotechnology Management (MSBTM) at XXXX University. I want very much to gain the highest quality professional experience possible by participating in the XXXX’s Management Rotation Program – Consumer Health Care.…

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MBA Program Re-Application, Low GMAT

I am re-applying to the MBA Program at UXX because my application was rejected last year due to my low GMAT Score. I am applying again because I feel strongly that the improvement that I have made and continue to make will now enable me to do well in your program by the time that I begin next year,…

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MSIS Masters Information Sciences, Morocco

When I was a child in Morocco, a personal computer was considered a luxury. I spent a lot of my spare time at ‘cyber cafes’ using a computer for an hour or two and became totally fascinated with these mysterious machines. I wanted to know how this little box in front of me performed the miracle of …

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Masters Real Estate Development, Saudi Arabian

I am a young man from Dammam, the capital of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. We are best known as the region of the world with the greatest petroleum wealth. For numerous and complex reasons, I have devoted my life to investing that oil wealth in real estate, seeking sustainable growth and in…

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MSCE, Transportation Engineering, Saudi Arabian

I was born, raised and educated in Saudi Arabia and am now resident in California. I was awarded my bachelor degree in Civil Engineering by the King Saud University and graduated fifth in my class with a high GPA score of 4.21 out of 5. My goals are to join the TE master’s program, excel within it …

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