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Blog posts : "International Affairs"

MA in International Affairs, UK, Nigerian Woman

Raised partially in the UK, I am a young Nigerian woman who communicates exceptionally well in English on international levels as well as in Africa. I have studied in France as well and I continue to make progress in French since it is the other principal international language of my target locatio…

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MA International Affairs, American Diplomacy

My great grandparents were originally from Dresden, Germany; not even Jewish, they saw a firestorm brewing in their country in the late 1930s and escaped to America just in time. Most of their relatives would die a few years later in the firebombing. One could say that the study of international af…

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International Affairs/Public Policy, Military

As a child, I loved maps. This interest developed into a curiosity about the differences and similarities in the way people in these different places on the map lived, ate, spoke and earned their livelihoods. This awareness of the world and its variety has increased with time and with the substantia…

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MA International Affairs, Canada, Bolivian

“The word needs dreamers and the world need doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.” Sarah Ban Breathnach.

 I am a 24 year old Bolivian woman and live in Ottawa. Coming as I do from a developing nation, I realize, perhaps more than most people, the importance of equal opportunit…

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Masters International Affairs, Central Asia

I want to prepare myself for a lifetime of service in the struggle for the liberation of the women of Uzbekistan and other Central Asian republics, helping them to organize, protecting their human rights. Women are very oppressed in my country of origin and XXXU can provide me with the intellectual …

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