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LOR Graduate Application Social Work #1


Dear Sir/Madam

This recommendation letter is in reference to Mr. XXXX  who has  worked with me for three years under my direct supervision at the Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association (EWLA).

XXXX has excellent communication and negotiation skills combined with a great capacity for organizing, managing and conducting a range of training programs for diverse target groups including adults, young people, members of minority and marginalized groups such as disabled people and survivors of domestic violence. During his time with us, he has prepared comprehensive training plans, organized and delivered training sessions, and worked hard to ensure that best practices are used in all training activities. In addition, under my direct supervision, he has adapted materials for various training sessions that include the creation of training manuals and curricula. He has made numerous presentations for reflection and policy discussions pertaining to issues of human and women’s rights advocacy.

I can attest to XXXX’s high level of writing ability concerning social issues and concerns along with his strong commitment to delivering quality output and meeting deadlines. XXXX is able to deftly manage multiple, complex situations at a time and perform optimally even under difficult circumstances. I believe that it is his optimistic personality that has led him to engage in humanitarian activities and advocacy for underprivileged groups. He also has the ability to work with diverse cultural and religious groups. XXXX is very diligent at meeting deadlines and is attentive to detail, always paying close attention to directions from his supervisors. 

It is a pleasure to work with XXXX. His positive attitude, sharp mind, and innovative ability enables him to think holistically and venture out of the comfort zone. He is a great team worker,always going out of his way to assist other team members to achieve their own objectives. During his time with us, he has demonstrated a high level of leadership ability, motivating his colleagues and staff to also excel.

He is very innovative in his action and has good analytical skills. XXXX has a most pleasant personality and I have learned a lot from working with him. I have no doubt that XXXX is ready for bigger challenges and I feel strongly that he would be a great asset to a graduate program in social work at your esteemed University.

Kind Regards,

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