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MSc Marketing, London University, Canadian

I am a young Canadian woman who has increasingly developed a global sense of identity and mission and I seek a full immersion experience in international marketing at XXXX University. Your program is my first choice for a number of reasons. I especially admire the track record of Professor XXXX in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation and the way in which he has been part of five startups. I have worked with a couple of startups myself and I am extremely keen to study under the finest of teachers in this area. It would be a profound honour to have the opportunity to listen to Dr. XXXX in person as a student.

I want to earn my Master’s Degree in Marketing at XXXX so as to study in a program that is on the international cutting edge of the latest trends in marketing research: international, strategic, and creative. I also think that your program is optimal for gaining additional professional experience at the same time that I study, as well as after finishing your program. Because of your stellar reputation, your program can open doors to worldwide opportunities. I also appreciate your system of Global Rotation that allows students to complete their final semester in a different country. I am also particularly excited about the prospect of participating in the final Action Project and attaining hands-on exposure with companies one of which I might end up work for after graduation. Finally, I am keenly interested in your Project Management Specialization.

I want to live and work in London. I love the noise, bustle, and the exquisitely international flavor of business and trade. In fact, I hope to settle in London because I look forward to a lifetime of planning advertising events for industries and organizations that operate worldwide, celebrating diversity and the enhancement of human life through strategic marketing—and London is the place to be.  I first traveled to London on a weekend stopover and fell in love with the city. Next, I flew over for weekends trying to find a job, staying at hostels and on sofas. Then I decided that I would just book a one way ticket. I applied for my work permit, found work, and lived in London for almost two years. Once my visa expired in June of last year, 2014, I knew I had to get back somehow. Being accepted to your program will also facilitate my return to London.

I completed my undergraduate studies towards the B.COMM Degree at XXXX University in Southport Australia to broaden my horizons culturally and experience more of the English-speaking world. That same year, 2010, I also completed an Intensive Spanish and Mexican Studies Certificate from the Universidad De La Salle in Mexico City. The program in Mexico City was through the university but I went there all on my own without knowing anyone, and still a beginner in Spanish having learned only from a book that I purchased online. So it took some courage. I lived with a family and spoke only Spanish in the house, and my abilities in this language quickly blossomed. While I am currently a little rusty with my Spanish I hope to dust it off once again and to use it at some point in my career as a marketing professional.

Working in London from January of 2013 through June of 2014 as a Sales & Marketing Manager was in many ways the most exciting experience of my life so far, engaging partners to discuss product offering, managing budgets, and organizing marketing events. I feel that this experience will help me to contribute valuable insights to class discussions.

My biggest challenge in Australia, Mexico City, and London, has been putting myself out there to meet people, learning a new language in the case of Mexico, making friends, finding work, creating life experiences. I learned to be independent and that if I have a passion for something I must give it my all and be prepared for any sacrifice in order to achieve my dreams.

I have started to train my brain to study again by enrolling in a Marketing Strategy Certificate program that is online through Cornell University and which I will be completing this coming April, 2015. As I have been out of post-secondary education since 2010, I decided to sign up for this certificate course so as to return to “study mode.”  I have also begun Croatian language school on Friday evenings as well as taking on two part-time jobs on top of my full-time job and courses, in order to save money for graduate school.

Your program at XXXX University is the optimal springboard for me to realize my long term professional goals, working in a fast-paced environment leading a marketing/events team, in the heart of London.

 I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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