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Masters Communications Management, Taiwanese

My second internship, in particular, was influential in the development of my professional vision and my hope to earn the Master’s Degree in Communications Management at UXX because it was in the area of market influence, a relatively new trend in the communication world and the area in which I thin…

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MA Global Communication, Marketing, Latina

There is a quotation relating to communication that, I believe, provides a vital lesson to everyone who wants their words to make a difference in the world – “Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something” – Plato.

My entire working life of 18 y…

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Masters Communications, Latina, the Voiceless

A people person and highly professional, I now have 20 plus years of experience working in the media resolving internal/external communication problems. More recently, my duties have focused on press relations. Fundamental to the strength of my application is that I am Latina; thus, some of my most…

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MA, Masters in Communications, Military

The greatest contribution that I might be able to make to society would be to help promote an understanding between cultures that will enable us to defeat terrorism over the long term. My professional life thus far in the defense of America has been extremely rewarding; and I am proud to be a milita…

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MA Communication Studies, Saudi Woman

Human communication has long stood at the center of my world and I knew well before starting college that this is the area in which I wanted to major. And at the time that I formed this conviction, it took imagination and courage, because up until just a few years ago, women in my native Saudi Arabi…

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