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Masters Financial Engineering, Chinese

I am a firm believer that we do best in the areas that most interest us. For a variety of reasons, I am a young Chinese man, still 22, who is much more interested in international financial trends than anything else. This is what I read about most and reflect on. I find myself constantly curious abo…

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Masters Financial Engineering, Chinese

I am a woman born and raised in China, now living in Ohio. I will be awarded a BS in Accounting in May and a BA in Mathematics and Statistics in July 2011. I speak Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

From the first class I ever took in Finance, I was fascinated. I was drawn by the magic that intangibl…

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MS Financial Engineering, Mathematics

I am a young Chinese woman who is very much in love with the art of financial engineering. I look forward to a long and highly productive career working in the banking or securities sector. I would very much enjoy a life of service as a bank analyst. While still only 26 years old, I have already had…

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