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Scholarship Application, Australia, Vietnamese

Summary of Programme (300 words): I am a young woman and an experienced dentist from Vietnam who now seeks to build a career in the area of Public Health. I have been accepted to the Health and Society Master’s Program at XXXX University and I am writing what follows on behalf of my application to your competitive scholarship program.

It is my hope to build a gradually increasing presence in and contribute to the ongoing debate in my country, Vietnam, concerning direction in the evolving relationship between national health care priorities, on the one hand, and community needs and initiatives on the other. By completing the Master of Public Health Degree in a world-class program such as that of XXXX, with a specialization in Health Policy Studies, I will be in an optimal position to work towards progressive change in my country. The fact that I am a dentist, combined with the professional degree in Public Health, will enable me to go far in my country in terms of contributing to greater sustainability in the development and allocation of our health care resources.

I will focus my efforts on analyzing the efficacy of our current health care system development strategies, critical analyses of the steps that have already been taken, searching for reasons behind successes and/or failures; evaluating community needs and formulating creative solutions based on the analysis of existing resources. My work will ultimately serve to improve the efficiency and equity of the Vietnamese health care system. I see my own unique study plan as consisting of three principal areas, Health and Society, Theory of Science and Methodology, and Professional Development

Programme Supporting Statement (500 words):

In my search for balance between health care structures and political forces in my society, Vietnam, XXXX’s extensive emphasis on the importance of ‘indigenous’ health and the opportunity to study some of the most critical issues that face Australia’s aboriginal populations will prove invaluable and most relevant to my professional trajectory. Vietnam has several indigenous groups who retain their identity in a variety of ways, and these sectors of Vietnamese society are especially critical to my analysis which seeks to balance indigenous needs and concerns, on the one hand, with imperatives and rationales that come from the top down, from the central government. In fact, I hope to soon be writing term papers about our health care systems in Vietnam and the challenges that they face as projects for my classes at XXXX.

Another aspect of the core competency that I will develop at XXXX will be intensive exposure to the critical analysis of health policy development, implementation and analysis. I look forward to becoming fully immersed in the study of public health interventions at given times and with a variety of populations, on both community and individual levels. Completing the Master’s Degree at XXXX will enable me to return to Vietnam highly competent and effective in the area of health policy criticism and the development of alternatives, always seeking to build upon progress that has already been made, but to channel it into new, more sustainable, progressive directions.

Much of the struggle for the development of increasingly effective health care systems in Vietnam turns on economic issues. Thus, XXXX’s extensive coverage of the most salient issues in health and economics will also be of critical importance to my career advancement since Vietnam has its own complex arena of public interest, vested interests, ideology and the politics of a one-party system that civil society often finds oppressive.

Completing the program in Health and Society at XXXX will turn me into a highly qualified and creative researcher who is well versed in the methodologies of qualitative research that I fully intend to put to good use over many decades to come in Vietnam. I am especially looking forward to the range of seminars, tutorials and practical tasks in which I will participate at Adelaide that are research driven, studying the complexity of global health issues and qualitative research in numerous contexts.

Finally, I see the solid grounding that I will achieve at XXXX in the basic concepts of epidemiology as also fundamental to my life and professional mission. I keenly look forward to learning how to interpret as well as measure disease occurrence and my full immersion in the study of epidemiological models of causation.

2.2 Please provide details of how your proposed programme will benefit Australia and your potential to foster ongoing collaboration and cooperation with your home and host country/region (maximum 200 words).

My contribution to cooperation between Vietnam and Australia (200 words):

Being awarded the XXXX Scholarship will help me enormously to facilitate cooperation and collaboration between Vietnam and Australia for many decades to come, both during but especially after completing the program, taking full advantage of the many opportunities that I will have as a student at XXXX to network, making global connections with like minded professionals in a variety of areas all closely related to public health.

If I were to be awarded the XXXX Scholarship I am certain that I would find myself with a great desire to give something back to the academic community that has treated me so very kindly and to do all that I can to help other Vietnamese students who wish to study in Australia by advising them on choosing universities, finding flats, or adapting to a new culture. I would also like very much to create a network of Vietnamese recipients of the XXXX Scholarship from throughout the scholarship’s history, paying special attention to those recipients who currently work in Australian universities, particularly with respect to sharing information on academic positions.

 2.3. Please provide details and evidence of your service to the community, unpaid service within your field of expertise, or unpaid community service in outside capacities (maximum 200 words).

Unpaid volunteer work has always been central to my greatest efforts and greatest joys in life. Especially as a dentist, I have participated in more public health efforts in the area of dentistry that I can even remember all together. I have a strong passion for the humanities, art, and logic, which, when taken together, inspired me to initially choose dentistry as a profession. I very much want to continue to engage in numerous unpaid volunteer activities as a health care professional. As a health policy analyst, I will be in an excellent position to donate some of my free time to always advocate for patients, especially the disadvantaged, creatively formulating health improvement strategies, and logically evaluation and acting to resolve health issues based on evidence—in both paid and non-paid positions.

Another factor that helps me to bring high levels of energy to my community is the way in which I was a victim of bullying in primary school, helping to make me strong and resilient at the same time that I am also able to readily identify with victims and highly motivated to help them.


Please provide a personal statement supporting your application (maximum 200 words)."

I would like to think of myself as an ambassador between Vietnam and Australia in area of health care. I have cultivated my leadership skills throughout my life, often if not generally representing my class and serving as a tutor to those in need of extra help. I especially love drawing, sculpturing, and molting. In High School I created handmade postcards to raise fund for our class's volunteer activities. I also have a pronounced excellence in the area of logic taking special, advanced classes in this area for 7 years.

I now have 5 years of involvement with community health. My eyes have been opened to the great inefficiency and inequity in our health system in Vietnam. I see to address the huge burden of preventable diseases on my society, oral disease, HIV, widespread pneumonia in children—and most recently a severe measles epidemic. I am convinced that my background so far has prepared me to excel as a student of as health policy.

Since Vietnam is a key partner in Australia’s regional strategy, my efforts in improving efficiency and equity of health systems would reaffirm a main objective of Ausaid in addressing inequities in our health care system.

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