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Scholarship Essay for Masters in Nursing, Saudi

I feel strongly that we need to have more native nurses as well as doctors in my country, Saudi Arabia, rather than depending to such a vast extent on the importation of nurses and doctors from abroad. Thus, I also feel strongly that we need more Saudi Nurse Practitioners and it pleases me greatly to be looking forward to studying in Europe for my Master’s Degree. As a hard working nurse from humble origins, I write this letter requesting a scholarship so that I might be able to afford my education abroad and thus make my fullest contribution to nursing care in Saudi Arabia in the future.

I now have more than 2 years full time professional experience as a nurse working primarily with patients recovering from surgery and in the ICU. I have also continued to complete coursework in this area. Since I work at King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center, I work alongside medical professionals from 62 different countries and I have grown to love and celebrate diversity and teamwork with multinational professionals. I have also grown concerned that nursing in Saudi Arabia lags behind that quality of care that has been achieved generally speaking in the UK where I intend to complete my Masters Degree if I am awarded your scholarship. The many wonderful experiences that I have had as a nurse in my country will provide me with the finest of experiences to share in discussions with my classmates in nursing from all over the world as we compare notes concerning the challenges that we face in our countries of origin and brainstorming for creative ideas concerning how to address those challenges.

I thank you for your consideration of my application.

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