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GRE Waiver Personal Letter of Appeal

I write the following in support of my request that the GRE examination be waived as a requisite for my entry into your Master’s in Health Administration Program at the University of XXXX. I ask you to please take into account the many years of experience that I now have in medicine, management, and scientific investigation. Since finishing medical school, I have taught classes in medicine as well as helping students to prepare for medical board examinations.

There are several aspects of my professional experience so far that I feel strongly contribute to my case that the GRE be waived. First, while I have chosen to concentrate on education and management rather than practicing medicine, I did pass all three Steps of the USMLE, a most rigorous and wide-ranging examination. Furthermore, I ask that it be taken into consideration that I have taught multiple subjects in the physical sciences at the college level: Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition, and Biology at both XXXX and XXXX Colleges, in addition to training and testing medical students in physical diagnosis at XXXX Medical College. This latter position included informal Rotations in Surgery, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, and Family Practice.

Since 2013, I have continued to refine the analytical and problem solving skills that make me successful as part-time Director and board member at XXXX Health in XXXX, FL. Even more than this, however, I ask for a waiver of the GRE examination in order to enroll in your program based on the research that I have performed since 2010 as a professional Health Science Specialist and researcher at the XXXX Veterans Hospital, also in XXXX. For the past five years I have been helping to write grants, critically reviewing research papers for publication and contributing to publications and presentations, distinguishing myself in several areas including traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and pressure ulcers. My published articles include “XXXX” and “XXXX.”

I thank you for considering this application to waive the requirement of the GRE Examination, making a special exception in my case as a non-traditional student who is also a medical doctor and a full time scientific investigator into how to best provide optimal care for our wounded veterans.

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