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MSC Politics, Economics & Philosophy, Brazil

A young man from Rio de Janeiro Brazil, I  have been making vast strides at perfecting my English in England;  still 24, I have so much left to learn. My country, these days, is a showcase economy, the envy of the world in terms of economic growth, and increasingly the pride of all South America. Brazil is no longer part of the Developing World. I want to devote my life to the study of our intriguing case. The University of XXXX is my first choice for graduate study because I very much admire the way in which you incorporate foundational philosophical perspectives into the study of political economy.

I want to study economic development from a philosophical perspective, becoming someone adept at seeing economic development from many different perspectives, using a broad variety of models, theories, learning how to see Brazil’s economic growth, better understanding the complexity of the many extremely difficult challenges that we face. I want to study the relationship between politic philosophy and economic development, which can show me why policy makers choose one path of doing policy rather than other ways.

During my time at university I have developed not only economic knowledge, but also research skills, which showed me the great value of studying in a project and of being capable of discovering new things. Over one year I have been part of a research team. We were trying to discover and to look through the relationship between investment and sustainable initiatives. At the end of the project we found out that most of the “green initiatives” comes from the government and state-owned companies. The private companies, overall, advertise more than effectively do. In order to discover this statement, we work on that very hard for one year, in which I collected a lot of information and data; and I not only stride the skills of doing that but I also skilled analysis approach.

I have an extensive background in political economy, economic history, and social science, theory, and methodology and also I have some credit points in ‘philosophy and economics’. Some of them I did as compulsory credits, at The Economy Institute of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro which does have an interdisciplinary approach, emphasizing the importance of heterodoxism. I want to think of myself as a multidisciplinary thinker in philosophy and politics. Hence, my main area of study is political economy, particularly the political economy of development. This is why I wrote my thesis on “The rise of neoliberal development convention in Brazil”.

 I am most enthralled with Europe I want very much to complete graduate school here. I enjoy very much learning more and more about the vast array of European perspectives having to deal with political economy. At Hamburg, under your expert guidance, I want to become an increasingly insightful critic of the tradition of liberalism, especially over the course of the last few decades, with special attention to neoliberalism and related debates that continue to rage, at least on my continent of origin.

I want to study the new alignment issues on a global level, BRIC, Brazil, Russia, India, China, the new, emergent center that is fundamentally changing our understandings of the nature of globalization. In addition, with regards to my future, I am very passionate about academics and my central goal at this point is to finish my Master’s Degree and get into a PhD straight away. Over the long-term, I intend to work for a research institute or for a state-owned company and afterwards for a university as a professor and researcher.

I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished program.

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