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MA Degree Program in Leadership, Canada

I am a 34-year-old Canadian woman that has spent the past 11 years working for the Government of British Columbia in the area of Information Systems. Through my varied experience within Shared Services BC, I have had the opportunity to identify numerous opportunities for the improvement of service operations. Thus, I have launched various transformative initiatives for the development of much more efficient processes across the organization. I have taken great care to ensure that our government ministries and all participants in our shared services fully understand the service relationship. I find myself increasingly left in charge of major decisions with respect to service level expectations, business processes, client relationship management, and financial obligations.

I am told that I am a good communicator. Most of all, however, I take pride in being able to think strategically in a way that compliments my business acumen. Primarily for these reasons, coupled with my high degree of motivation and initiative, I want very much to earn my Master’s Degree in Leadership at XXXX University. First and foremost, I am convinced that the intrinsically interdisciplinary nature of your program causes it to stand out from the rest. This is exactly how I want to throw myself into a more than full time immersion in my graduate studies, wrestling with real world problems, creating projects that respond to critically important social projects in increasingly creative ways. I also seek a rigorous preparation in the theoretical understanding of human organization today. I hope to excel in the area of systems thinking and organization change, since these are the areas that most coincide with my professional experience as a leader up until now.

With a Master’s Degree from your distinguished program, I will be well positioned in the BC public service system to assume greater levels of responsibility and eventually assume major leadership roles. I am at a point in my life that I am committed to furthering my education; I am particularly enthused about the opportunity to work with teams of graduate students. The greatest contribution that I might be able to make to society would be to contribute to the development of a deeper  understanding of the complex ways that organizational change impacts the lives of employees as well as the general public. I am fully dedicated to life-long learning and I want to continue to grow throughout my career, cultivating an increasingly bold vision as a leader. Most of all, I want to become a master at the employment and empowerment of staff. XXXX provides a style of learning that will work for me with respect to both online delivery and the 2 week residencies. I am most attracted to your unique advantage of brief on-site residencies combined with distance learning. For me, your program represents the ultimate synergy of on-campus learning and direct interaction with leading faculty members, on the one hand, while I can continue in my current position on the other.

I am a cosmopolitan woman with diverse, multicultural interests. I have travelled extensively to Costa Rica, Cuba, Panama, Jamaica, Thailand, Cambodia, Italy, France, and the Dominican Republic. This has very much affected the way I see the world and helped me to appreciate how those of us in Western cultures often tend to take many things for granted. I try to assume ownership of my own life at the same time that I do everything that I can to empowering those around me to be the best they can. Not that long ago, I remarried a man with three children. I also take this leadership role very seriously, which will provide me with a special, secret joy throughout the course of your program, reflecting on being a good role model and learning to empower as a step-mother, as well as a want-to-be pioneer in information systems.

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