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Masters in Criminal Justice Criminology

For ten years, I have been away from my true calling.  What began as a fixation, an entrepreneurial idea, starting a career as a Purchaser in the manufacturing field has become unchallenging, and unfulfilling.  While being a Purchaser has provided a stable life, I always knew that my heart is where it always has been: in the field of Criminology.

 The opportunity and challenge of UXX’s MACJA program will allow me to bring my career goals, in truth my dreams, to fruition.  What is more, my academic foundation in Criminology piqued and developed my intense interest in the more theoretical aspects of how the science relates to particular classes of people and the related crimes thereof.  More specifically, I have seen a distinct need for quality research into the areas of criminological theory, and the causal relationships between different sub-classes of people within society, as well as testing causation in Criminological research, and how social relations affect criminality.

 Post-graduation, I envision building my exposure in the field whilst pursuing a Ph.D., in order to teach as well as conduct further research.  For this, I will first need to increase my depth of understanding of the psychological aspects associated with the criminal minds of criminal offenders.  Turning to UXX and the MACJA program is therefore more than just a logical choice, but also a natural choice given my profound passion for these topics.  What better way to bring Criminology to life for my future students than to bring practical, contemporary research and examples into the classroom?  Furthermore, my professional work to date has not allowed for giving back to the community in terms of volunteerism, a fact that I have wrestled with for some time, a fact that I am intent upon changing.

 I bring with me to the student body and graduate program an excellent grounding in Criminal Justice coupled with formal IT education.  The role of IT in the field of Criminology and research has become requisite for all involved, and I feel I have proven my ability.  What is more, I am a mature student, one who is certain of his future, ability and proven capability to succeed in an academic program as well as the responsibilities of professional work, serving the needs of large-scale companies.

 For my part, I strongly feel that research in Criminology – its future – remains firmly in its ability to discover ways of predicting and predetermining, based on the conjunction of sociological and other pertinent factors a person’s propensity for falling into socially deviant behaviors.  The ideal would be to responsibly use these methods for helping at-risk persons from falling into despair and then crime, a preventative measure, rather than a curative. 

 In the past, and in frustratingly clear hindsight, we lament those that have fallen through societal cracks, and held up precious few examples of those we have helped.  Through my research, I aim to equip law enforcement with new skills, and abilities.  Just as our officers are supplied with the equipment they need to enforce the law, the researcher, through their contributions give insights, skills and abilities that are equally indispensable.  No other role could ever bring me a greater sense of personal or professional fulfillment.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.

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