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Cover Letter ERAS, Medical Residency

Dear Program Director,

I am a physician in Internal Medicine from New Delhi (India) and currently looking for an opportunity to practice in a hospital environment in the USA; thus, I am applying for a residency position at your program. Since your program is one of the institutions for which I feel that I am a particularly good match, I enclose my complete application for your review prior to sending it through ERAS.

In addition to my extensive clinical experience, including practicing cardiology here in America, my application is also strengthened by my research experience and the fact that I am published. I will soon be fulfilling another temporary opportunity for further experience in Internal Medicine for 4 weeks next month, in New Jersey. And I am also trained in psychiatry

It would be an honor for me to forward my Step CK 2 results as soon as they come in since I will be sitting for this exam on the 10th of October, 2011 and should have my results by the end of October. I am a highly trained internist and would very much like to meet you should you decide to honor me with an interview.

Yours sincerely,

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