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Masters Physician Assistant Program, Ukraine

I am writing for your consideration into the Masters Physician Assistant  Program at the XXXX campus of XXXX University. At 25, I feel that I now have sufficient maturity to fully appreciate your program. I am also finally in a position where I have economic security and could afford to pay for my studies. I came to America from the Ukraine in 1991, at the age of 6. Russian Jews, we came here with nothing but have managed to find our piece of the American dream. Perhaps it was this immigrant aspect of my upbringing which accounted for my setting my sights on earning money rather than applying myself to my studies. Up until two years ago, I was a financial success on Wall Street, by the tender age of 23. Then, I took off my tie. For the last two years, I have had the luxury of preparing myself professionally for entering your program to become a professional Physician Assistant. I became sick of making money. My short and long term goal is to treat children with cancer. This is the area that for me most makes life worth living.

 After leaving my job, I traveled for a few weeks to clear my mind and figure out what career path I wanted to pursue. During my travels, I came to a conclusion that a career in the medical field would best suite me. Upon returning home, I began exploring various medical fields to decide what would be the most appropriate career choice for me to make. My first volunteer position was as a research assistant in the neuroscience department at the College of XXXX. I was responsible for maintaining a developmental neuroscience laboratory. I helped test new strategies for eliminating brain tumor cells through experimentation on live mice. We experimented with curcumin derivatives to eliminate tumors. I provided technical support for all members to ensure that they made solutions and cleaned glassware correctly, as well as coordinating waste disposal. I helped to produce and maintain primary cultures of brain tumor cells and analyze the neuronal morphology through the use of various light microscopy techniques, including digital imaging software. When needed, I also operated a confocal microscope imaging system. All of the experimental data was organized and kept in a detailed laboratory notebook.

 From January of this year, 2010 through July, I volunteered at the practices of three different physicians. I performed routine clerical activities such as preparing patients for examinations, taking and recording vital signs, assisting doctors during procedures, recording medical history, and preparing examination rooms. The first practice that I volunteered at was for Dr. Bella Fridman who specializes in Nephrology and I had the opportunity to learn about various kidney disorders and how they are treated.

 My second position was with Dr. David XXXX who specializes in Internal Medicine. From Dr. XXXX I learned a great deal about the duties of an internist, the diagnosis and treatment of various adult diseases. I helped Dr. Yakobashvili see various patients in an office setting. I witnessed a broad variety of cases ranging from patients with rashes, through blood pressure medication checkups, to general physical exams. My third position was with Dr. XXXX who is a pediatrician. A serious ailment of my cousin prompted me to find an assistantship with a pediatrician and it was here that I found my calling.  Dr. XXXX is by far my most important role model and has helped me to understand how, with children, one must have enormous patience and take into consideration the unique needs of every child. Thus, after having volunteered at three different types of medical practices, I came to the conclusion that I really wanted to pursue a career in pediatrics. I consider myself fortunate to have found my quest in life at only 25, helping to heal sick children is where I find my greatest joy.

 I am currently working for the XXXX Institute for Rehabilitation. The XXXX Institute is very well known as a pioneer in physical medicine and rehabilitation. The nation's largest single rehabilitation hospital, we specialize in the treatment of individuals with advanced spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, stroke, amputation, neurological disorders, and musculoskeletal and orthopedic.

 I am a nursing/rehab assistant so I get to work with patients that have a broad variety of different injuries. Of course, one of the most important responsibilities of a Nursing Assistant is to monitor a patient’s vital signs and record significant changes. We are usually the first to know how well a patient is responding to a medication or another treatment option. I am also responsible for maintaining a patient’s personal hygiene by helping the patients to shave, take their baths, and clipping their nails. I assist in dressing and undressing patients who are unable to perform these tasks for themselves. Another separate but closely related duty is to facilitate a patient’s restroom needs.

 I wish to devote my life between to the practice of pediatrics at the same time that I am able to spend quality time with my own family. Becoming a physician assistant is the logical career for me because it fulfills these needs. Also in preparation for entry to your program, I shadowed two physician assistants, following them around for weeks, watching how they perform their job, interacting with patients, filling out paper work, etc. Both of physician assistants that I shadowed were very open to my questions, providing me with a wealth of information concerning their careers. XXXXRPA-C, MPA was especially helpful. She specializes in Interventional Cardiology at XXXX Hospital. After spending upward of a month with her, my desire to become a physician assistant was even further cemented in my mind and heart. Elena is so very enthusiastic, finds so much joy in helping her patients and still has enough free time to spend with her loved ones. My goal for the next five years is to get a Masters Degree as a Physician Assistant and get a job working at New York´s XXXX Hospital, treating children who have cancer. By being accepted to the physician assistant program at XXXX College, I would be able achieve my dreams and goals.

The only requirement that I do not meet is the GPA. My overall GPA is 2.163, well below your requirement of 2.70. I do not have a good excuse for my poor grades other than my desire to make money. Two years ago, however, I stepped down from my position as Vice President of Investment Sales at a prestigious real estate investment firm. My career had given me an opportunity to attain a high level of financial success; but, as a result, I had become a person motivated by greed and I did not like my face in the mirror. I managed to get a degree but I did only the bare minimum to pass. I was so concentrated on my work that I put school as my last priority. Now that I have a whole new prospective on my life, my number one priority is to become a physician assistant specializing in pediatric surgery. And for this reason I am petitioning for special admission to your program.

I look forward to a long and high productive career as a Physician Assistant specializing in pediatric surgery working at New York Presbyterian Hospital. The greatest contribution that I might be able to make to society would be to help treat children with cancer. My cousin, David was diagnosed with Leukemia ten years ago. Before I started working, I spent much of my free time with him. However, between my job and school there was not much time left for David. I was faced with an ethical dilemma when I was informed of his failing health. I had to choose between my job and being with him. Unfortunately, I chose my career over being with David during those last precious moments of his life. After he passed away, my entire life was put into a whole new perspective. I realized that the image I had of myself growing up was radically different from the way it turned out to be. I was raised in a family where the needs of others came before our own. Therefore, I decided to choose a different career that would allow me to live a life that would honor my family and provide me with greater human fulfillment.

 If accepted into your program, I will no long be working and I will be able to study full time. I have had a long journey to get to this point. I have volunteered for over 200 hours at different medical practices. And I now have over 800 hours of hands-on experience at Kessler. I have shadowed two physician assistants for over 30 hours each. I believe that given my work experience and profound dedication, I would be able to excel in your program. I know deep down that I can be a great student and a most excellent physician assistant, if I were given a chance. I ask for is an interview so that I might have a chance to convince you in person of my great dedication to this noble profession and my humble sincerity. 

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