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MS Degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics

I am a mature man for only 21. My sights are set very high in terms of professional conquest and I am especially looking forward to doing research in the areas of Fluid Mechanics and Turbulence (including Combustion). This is why the Applied Computational Design Lab at XXXX would be my optimal location for graduate study.

One of my most indelible impressions from childhood was watching a 1 million pound metallic structure being lifted into thin air, using principles of nature. I have always had a penchant for aerodynamics and why I have come to recognize it as my destiny, very much an integral part of my personal sense of space and time. Both of my parents are academics and I have traveled with them to conferences as a child, taking note of physical characteristics of places as diverse as Bangkok and Helsinki.

I now live in XXXX, XXXX but I was born and mostly raised in Nagpur, India. I expect to graduate, with both Departmental and University Honors, with my B.S in Aerospace Engineering and a Minor in Applied Mathematics from the University of XXXX, this coming May, 2012. My foremost mentor at XXXU is Dr. XXXX. We have written a journal paper together that is going to be submitted to the Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics in late October, 2011. As an honors project in Dr. XXXX’s Aerodynamics course, I did research on dynamics stall and the ability to induce negative drag (or thrust). Studying turbulence under Dr. XXXX has helped to stimulate my curiosity concerning biological propulsion (and/or turbulent flows).

My long term goal is to attain the PHD Degree and stay at the forefront of research in the area of fluid mechanics. I would like to spend a great deal of time in Europe, and I hope to work with international companies in the implementation of a host of creative ideas in this area. I am fully immersed in the advances being made in fluid mechanics in the context of American and European systems, on the one hand, and Indian systems on the other. And I have an interest in staying abreast of Chinese/Indian collaborations in this area as well. Thus, I hope to use my Hindi and Marathi language and culture skills in my advancement, in addition to English.

One of my most important accomplishments has been my volunteer service with Sigma Gamma Tau at the XXXX Hunger Project, which has helped to mold my fully multi-cultural, in fact global sense of citizenship. I have also very much enjoyed 2 years of service as a Teaching Assistant for a class in Applied Differential Equations. I also have more than 6 months of theoretical and computational research experience with Dr. XXXX at the XXU Aerospace Engineering in the area of Boundary Later Theory and Turbulence. I have published one conference paper on the subject of flight controls, and expect to publish a journal paper on theoretical boundary layer theory by late November of 2012, a project that I am coauthoring with an Associate Professor in AE at XXU.  

I am currently working on an optional Senior Thesis Project on Turbulence (Renormalization Group theoretical modeling of turbulence). I have also been working as an intern at XXXX Engineering Inc., optimizing blade design through the development of theoretical modeling for predicting aeroelastic flutter. I feel strongly that I have an excellent foundation in the fundamentals of both theoretical research and realistic applications, especially in the area of fluid dynamics. As an experienced mathematics instructor with research and industrial experience, I want to dedicate my life to working for breakthroughs in the field of theoretical turbulence and the computational modeling of turbulent flows. 

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