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Masters Finance, Canada, Hong Kong, UK

I am a very serious young who is ambitious and hard working. At only 22, I have come a long ways towards my goal of becoming a business professional and I look forward to a long and prosperous career on the cutting edge of finance. While born in Canada, I was raised in Hong Kong, which I see as my permanent home. I am pleased with my location in a global hub of development for the financial world, on the frontier of where the Chinese dragon has historically interacted with the West. I am currently working towards the completion of my undergraduate studies at the University of XXXX in the UK.

 I am especially interested in doing research in the areas of foreign exchange rates since my long term goal is to work for investment banks in Hong Kong. My short term goal, after completing my Master’s Degree, is to gain professional experience in my field working for prestigious firms in a variety of financial fields. I am a proactive person; and after 2.5 years of studying economics and finance my determination to succeed in these areas has become greatly enhanced. A Master’s Degree in finance will provide me with the chance to learn from leading practitioners in the field. I keenly look forward to learning from your world-class faculty, especially about how to put the latest academic thinking and business strategies into practice.

 After my last summer internship at the Bank of China in mainland China, I have become more sensitive to figures, and I am confident that the new skill levels that I have achieved in econometrics will enable me to excel in your program. I now feel confident that I have the requisite foundation to distinguish myself as a graduate student in terms of both my analytical and mathematical skills. Serving as the Sports Secretary for the Chinese Society at my university has helped me to become a better public speaker. I am now able to function at full capacity even under great pressure and I feel that I am finally equipped with the high level of communications skills that are necessary for optimal success in my field. I am an outgoing, persistent, and especially enthusiastic person. I have been training as a competitive swimmer for 8 years, since I was aged 13, and this has helped to maintain my high levels of motivation and focus. It has also helped me to develop excellent time management skills, learning to carefully balance my training with my academic endeavors. I served as Deputy House Captain at my boarding school while in the sixth grade in the UK; and I was Swimming Captain at my secondary school in Hong Kong

 I have been preparing myself for a career that requires extensive traveling, grueling hours and the mastery of a cut-throat lifestyle. I see critical thinking as the most essential ingredient for success in my field since every investment decision requires substantial analysis under pressure. When the investment sounds, making the right decision is its own reward—in addition to the money involved. I also realize that it is very important to contribute to the well being of society.

 Thus, I look forward to contributing to economic development, particularly international economic development, helping to create jobs in the impoverished areas, helping countries as well as companies to identify their competitive advantages for business, helping them to achieve sustainable development. I thank you for considering my application to your state-of-the-art program.

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