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LLM Indian Engineer, UAE

Struggling for success through enormous hard work, dedication to the job at hand; whether we win or lose, we have done the best that we can under the circumstances and we find and maintain moral integrity. Already an electrical engineer of some merit, still young at 23, I want very much to go to law school. For me, the pursuit of law is as a much a spiritual as an economic endeavor, heightening participation in my professional impact on the world. My long term plan is to obtain a JD; first, however, I am highly motivated toward and focused upon the LLM degree. As an engineer, one obvious choice is intellectual property law. My youth is mirrored by the bounty of my intrigues, however, and I find myself fascinated and drawn to the study of government law, the judicial system, both criminal and civil, as well as corporate law—especially mergers and acquisitions).

Born in Mumbai, India and raised in the Middle East, primarily the UAE where my father was employed as a physician for an oil company. By the 8th grade, however, my father had passed away and we moved back to India. Living in India until 2006 when I transferred in my undergraduate studies in Electrical Engineering from Mumbai University in Electrical Engineering to XXXX University where I graduated in 2007 in Electrical and Computer Engineering at only 21. I was short only 2 or 3 classes from a minor in Philosophy. I began graduate school at XXXX that same fall of 2007 and graduated with my Masters in Electrical and Computer engineering (MSECE) at 23

Currently doing an online certificate course from XXXX University in “Sustainable Energy Conversion and Storage,” a Certificate that will be complete by August of 2010. I see the study and practice of law as highly complementary to my career to date as an engineer. I am determined in this process and thus I am planning to re-take the LSAT. My long term intellectual fascinations fall largely into the areas of government regulations and possibilities for an overhaul of the criminal justice system. I am also an advocate for greater transparency in corporate mergers and acquisitions. I may decide to return to make my home in India and I could see myself now, 10 years from now, as a judge in the government of India. I am ambitious, thorough, relentless, and working for the prosecution holds out a lot of attraction for me.

In addition to Hindi, Urdu and English, I can also read, write, and speak Arabic. My French has become rusty. I have had vast privileges as a volunteer both here in America as well as back home in India. Some of my work here in America with minority girls at risk has been the most rewarding, especially as a youth mentor at the National Institute of Fitness Sciences, in Indianapolis, Indiana.  I have been very active with the NSBE as well as IEEE and served as the general secretary of the Rotary Club’s Youth Wing in Mumbai. I am a board member of ECO solutions in Mumbai—solar/alternative—in a search for creative solutions that stem from Indian culture, such as distributing solar lamps to poor shopkeepers. Proud to have been an advanced math tutor at Indiana University, as well as an instructor of complex educational software such as Mathxl, Matlab, Maple etc. I ask for the opportunity to bring my high levels of interdisciplinary energy to your esteemed program.

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