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Masters IR, French Canadian

I am a Canadian woman of French heritage and I am currently based in Paris at the Canadian Embassy and living in Toronto at the moment as part of a three month mission. I speak and write fluent English, French, Spanish and Italian. I am learning Russian and can speak the language. I intend to commence Arabic language classes in the spring.

 As a small child, I loved maps. This interest developed into a curiosity about the differences and similarities in the way people in these different parts of the map lived, ate, spoke and earned a living. A precocious interest in politics and economics followed. My academic and career choices were never in doubt, I regard international affairs more a vocation than a career.

 I have a strong interest in, and knowledge of, international affairs. I have in-depth knowledge of the current political and economic situations of all European countries, Canada, the US, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Russia and Brazil as well as a good knowledge of those in other countries. I have studied in France, Italy and Spain and have travelled widely throughout western and eastern Europe, the Balkans, North Africa, the Middle East and South America. At an early stage in my wide travels I became aware that anyone and everyone I meet can be a useful source of new or useful information about their country. For instance a chance remark by a taxi driver about the state of his brother’s trucking business can be an indicator as to the state of the local economy which can prompt further enquiries to provide a useful piece of information. I am endlessly curious about the world and love to learn more and more about it.  I devour international news on a daily basis.

I have a natural ability to acquire new skills and knowledge very quickly. I am a very disciplined, dedicated and hard worker at everything I do. I am considered to be an excellent communicator and love to participate in debate and I continually seek fresh challenges. As a project manager, I have demonstrated strong planning and organizational skills.

 Apart from my relevant professional experience, I have undertaken a three year internship as a Compliance Analyst for the G8 Research Group and G8 Information Centre, I also undertook voluntary work with the Canadian Human Rights Foundation in Montreal and with Youth Challenge International. I am currently undertaking volunteer work with UNA-Canada whilst working in Toronto. I have also participated in several international Model United Nations Conferences over the past eight years as a chosen representative.

 It is my hope ultimately to hold a senior post in the Canadian Department of Defense, National Security, or in mediation or conflict resolution working for the UN or NATO. I want to be involved in strengthening international understanding and cooperation, thus reducing the potential for conflict. I hope to undertake research into areas of international security and intelligence/defence. My main focus of interest is emerging security issues and management of conflict/prevention of violent conflict.

 I am aware that this prestigious programme will attract many well qualified applicants. However I am confident that my academic and professional background, my personal qualities and, most importantly, my genuine passion for my subject will enable me to be a substantial asset to the academic community and to derive great personal benefits from participation. 

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