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Low GPA, Special Consideration for Admission

Black football players are not famous for getting good grades. In what follows I ask for special consideration in this regard.

I ask for special consideration with respect to my abysmal showing as an undergraduate student, earning an undergraduate GPA of 2.6. These days, going to school is a completely different ballgame. I am no longer playing football; rather, I read everything that comes my way about solar power and wind energy, and I reflect constantly and increasingly come to think more creatively about important ethical issues in the areas of real estate development, how they are related to race, politics, religion, and a host of other factors. I look forward to a lifetime of helping international project throughout Africa and here in America as well, always building networks of solidarity with like-minded non-profits, government officials, politicians, engineers,

While an undergraduate student, I worked too many hours at too many jobs, on top of football. I felt obliged as the oldest child to assist my father in caring for the family, since my mother has been gravely ill for some time and I have several younger brothers and sisters. I passed my first course (pass/fail) in an MBA program and I am receiving good grades in my first fundamentals course within striking distance of an A-. My volunteer work with my church has also taken time, and taken home as far away as Bosnia Herzegovina for two weeks to participate in fellowship activities. Coming from a long line of Catholics in my family; I could not be more attentive to progressive trends in the church towards a preferential option for the poor and I celebrate with profound joy our first Jesuit Pope who happens to be from the Developing World. I ask for acceptance to your program and a chance to prove that I can excel primarily on the basis of the fact that I am a man from Africa whose central strength, force, and fiber is all geared towards building the Kingdom of God here on earth in the form of homes for the working poor and their families, throughout the world. I thank you for considering my application


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