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Endeavour Scholarship Australia, Filipina

Please summarise, in words that can be understood by a person outside your field, details of the proposed programme, why you chose your proposed host organization and what your proposed programme is intended to achieve. Also provide details including proposed dates and locations of any proposed fieldwork and/or internships.

A highly professional and very hard working accounting consultant in the Philippines, I began working shortly after my graduation. Since September of 2015, I have been working long hours in business process control and planning and budgeting. My present dream is to have the opportunity to earn a Master’s Degree in International Business in Australia so that I can devote my life to building bridges in business between the Philippines and Australia by making this commerce safer and subsequently more profitable.

I grew up in the rural part of my country so I’ve always appreciated the simplicity of life. As I entered the corporate world, I began to see the country’s enormous economic growth potential. While I am very proud to be a woman from the Philippines, frankly, I am ashamed of some aspects of my country, most particularly the endemic corruption, which is invasive, predatory, and taints every aspect of our social, political, and especially economic lives – primarily the root of our country’s paradox of plenty. If I were to be awarded the Endeavor Scholarship and have the opportunity to earn my Master’s Degree in Australia, I would be highly inspired and empowered to turn my attention to cleaning things up in my country, as an accounting professional on the cutting edge of social and economic justice, in collaboration with a broad variety of sectors, legal, law enforcement, and progressive initiatives from the business world in particular.

I wish to attend XXXX University of Technology (XXXX) Business School not only for its Triple Crown accreditation, but also due to its unparalleled commitment of forging partnerships with industry. I want to grow on a personal level and become a global citizen of the world, not just the Philippines, and Australia would be the optimal springboard to a global career.

Please provide details of how your proposed programme would further your academic and/or professional career.

I am working for the XXXX Company which funded my college education and helped my parents with our family's financial burden. But, for the longest time, in my heart, I’ve always hoped to be a teacher. This opportunity to study in a collaborative setting with a diverse student body from all over the world would provide me with the experience that I need to blossom into a fully international business professional and prepare me as well for a teaching career here in the Philippines, training new generations of students in the area of professional ethics and the importance of social responsibility in the business world of today.

My central dream for the near future is to contribute to the development of a partnership with XXXX Business School in launching a business summit in the Philippines that would be offered to students enrolled in business courses in the Philippines, providing them with an opportunity to further develop their skills through live discussions and interaction with other students as well as renowned business leaders from different sectors and industries. I plan to invite professors from XXXX Business School to be guest presenters, leading to a partnership that would greatly increasing the prominence and appeal of XXXX in the Philippines.

Please provide details of how your proposed programme will benefit Australia and your potential to foster ongoing collaboration and cooperation with your home and host country/region.

Earning my Master’s Degree in International Business at XXXX will make me extremely competitive on the job market, in academic and business worlds, for me two sides of the same coin.

I personally chose to study in Australia because it will bring to life a place which I've always heard about from my dad, who was a recipient of an Australian government scholarship to complete his Doctorate in Veterinary Science; along with listening to stories about the educational excellence and innovative, creative culture of Australia.

I seek to serve my community, my society, and the world. I hope to enrich lives and communicate my knowledge with passion to inspire generations that will follow me in academic and business worlds, building increasingly strong ties with our close neighbour and friend Australia. In particular, I look forward to cultivating a partnership between my alma mater, the University of XXXX, and XXXX Business School. I look forward to sharing the many things of great value that I learn at XXXX with Filipino entrepreneurs for decades to come, helping our economy to grow through integration in an increasingly global world, alongside Australia, learning together how to best exploit opportunities in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Please explain how receiving an Endeavour scholarship or fellowship would make a difference to your personal life.

My father was and always will be the most important role model in my life. My children will grow up listening to stories about their grandfather. Although born with a heart disease that he suffered from throughout his life, he never failed to inspire people around him to achieve their dreams - big, small, imaginable and even improbable. I could spend all day listening to his former students, how happy they were during my dad's lectures. He was a state university professor of Veterinary Medicine. In his spare time, he'd educate the local farmers for free. He found so much joy in teaching and helping.

Although it was hard for him to lift heavy objects because of his condition, he was a consistent volunteer in Gawad Kalinga - a nonprofit organization that builds homes for the homeless - one of our favorite things to do with the family during the summer. My father passed away 16 days before I graduated from college. For me, the greatest personal honor, if I were to be awarded an Endeavor Scholarship, would be to honor him. Showing my father how much I love him doesn't stop with his death, it only intensifies.

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